Perfect Strategy for the 2023 Fantasy Football Draft Round-by-round 12-Team Leagues 6.0 | Fantasy football news, rankings and predictions

• You can still draw fullbacks in the first round: Christian McCaffrey, Austin Eckler And Bijan Robinson They are far ahead of their peers. Their production must be unparalleled.

• Do not be afraid to sign a midfielder early: The recent decline — and even retirement — of several aging quarterbacks makes today’s top signal callers even more valuable.

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The 2023 Fantasy Football Ultimate Draft series combines the average of current draft placements from the specialist and unofficial drafts to see which players should be available in each pick, then we make the best selections in light of that information.

To try out a strategic draft for select picks in different league sizes, check out What’s New Mock project simulation. To get all this analysis – and more — in real time as you draft, exit PFF’s Live Draft Assistant.

For help with other formats or rankings, or to get more details on players, check out the rest of my summer content below.

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Last updated: 7:15 a.m. Sunday, Sept. 3

Round 1, Picks 1-12: Draft a wide receiver or running back

The objective of the first round is to select the best available player. This will almost always be a running back or wide receiver unless Travis Kelce falls for a pick or two from his ADP.

The running back generally offers the best value for early picks in the round, while the wide receiver is better for those picking in the middle and late portions of the round. Pick someone better than Diggs if available, but there are some picks near the end of the round where Diggs is the top pick, so he’s the special player.

The higher goal: Stefon Diggs

Diggs has been ranked as one of the top seven wide receivers in each of the past three seasons since joining the Bills.

  • He was excellent on a track-by-track basis, ranking in the top three in receptions (0.188), Landing (0.019) f PPR points (0.553).
  • The problem that keeps him from making it into the top three is that he’s only had the 20th most runs among wide receivers, with 573.
  • part of the problem to imaginary The purpose is that Bills is about Diggs a lot. He played over 80% of his offensive snaps in just five games last season.
  • Diggs turns 30 this season, and the Bills are invested in him Dalton Kincaid, Trent Sherfield And Deonte Harty. They’re all players who can cut Diggs’ game time or goals a bit.
  • He probably won’t finish in the top three unless several elite receivers suffer injuries, but it’s a safe bet to stay in the top ten.

Possible targets: Christian McCaffrey, Austin Eckler, Bijan Robinson, Sir Lamb, Amon Ra Brown Street

Round two, picks 13-24: Draft a quarterback or wide receiver

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