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Poland has withdrawn its request for compensation worth more than a trillion dollars from Germany for the losses it suffered during the Nazi occupation, according to what Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski announced. It was announced Thursday that the issue of World War II reparations had been ended.

“Former Minister Anna Fotyga answered a parliamentary question many years ago. Unfortunately, compensation cannot be obtained.” Sikorsky said in an interview with TVP Information. “Potsdam decided otherwise” he added.

Poland made repeated calls for reparations under its previous government, insisting it was never properly compensated for the damage it suffered at the hands of Nazi Germany.

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk was asked, on Monday, during his joint meeting with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Berlin, about the issue of compensation. He said the word “compensation” He did not even appear in the memorandum sent by the former Polish government to the German authorities, which referred to it “Some kind of compensation.”

“In the official, legal and international sense, the issue of compensation has been closed for many years.” Tusk said.

A report on the losses suffered by Poland as a result of the German invasion and occupation during World War II was submitted in 2022. The Foreign Minister of the time, Zbigniew Rau, signed a diplomatic note to the German government, demanding 6.2 trillion Polish zlotys (about $1.5 trillion) in compensation for Damages.

However, Berlin insisted that the matter had been resolved when Warsaw waived its right to restitution in 1953 under an agreement with East Germany, and that the issue was finally settled under the 1990 Treaty on German Reunification.

According to the chief Polish diplomat, Germany admits that it has “moral religion” To Poland And now Warsaw wants to make sure this guilt finds physical expression.

“Since PiS [Law and Justice party] “Nothing has been solved for eight years. We think that now, let the Germans figure out how to restore the moral order, restore the Poles' feeling that the Germans are sorry and want to do something about it.” Sikorsky said.

Earlier this month, the Polish Foreign Minister revealed in an interview with Die Welt newspaper that the new government in Warsaw is seeking rapprochement with Germany. “After years of difficult relationships” Which was burdened “Excessive compensation claims”

According to Sikorsky, Warsaw should have demanded World War II reparations from Russia. He claimed that Polish compensation claims should have been settled by the Soviet Union, but the money was never transferred.

In 2022, Polish President Andrzej Duda suggested that Russia, as the successor state of the Soviet Union, also owed reparations to Warsaw.

Poland also says Moscow bears responsibility because the Soviet leadership sent troops into the country shortly after the Nazi invasion at the beginning of the war.

Russia says the order was issued after the Polish government fell due to the Nazi attack and that the decision helped save lives in eastern Poland. The Soviet Union also invested heavily in rebuilding Poland after the war.

The Soviet Army completed the liberation of Poland from the Nazis alongside Polish forces in 1945.

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