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September 2, 2023; College Station, Texas, USA; Texas A&M Aggies wide receiver Evan Stewart (1) celebrates with fellow wide receiver Noah Thomas (3) after a touchdown during the third quarter by the New Mexico Lobos at Kyle Field. Mandatory credit: Maria Lesaker-USA TODAY Sports

Texas A&M head football coach Jimbo Fisher and several players spoke to the media after last night’s 52-10 win over the University of New Mexico. Below, you can watch Jimbo’s full press conference.

Here are some notes on his statements:

He started by saying he was very proud of the players. He thought they were very effective, especially in the first half where they were almost uninjured. They eventually adapted to the short throws UNM was hitting first.

In contrast, however, the Texas A&M head of football thought the second half started sloppy, with some offensive confusion. He then praised the returnees, saying they had a solid game, but there were still a lot of things to improve. When asked about his new transfer from Boston College, Jimbo noted that DeBerry is a physical and sure forward, very intelligent, and has played a lot of football.

Of course, he had to be asked about the new OC for the Texas A&M football team, too. Jimbo took it in stride, saying it was great for Bobby Petrino to call the plays, and that they talked back and forth during the game just as they do during weekly offensive meetings. When asked about the QB play, Jimbo began by saying Weigman did a lot of little things that you don’t see, like walking away from raiders to buy time for the play. This led him to point out that Aeneas also played well at hidden objects: bans, calls, checks, and so on.

A reporter inquired about the new 12th man for the Texas A&M football team, and Jimbo responded by saying that Sam Matthews had been selected as the 12th man for everything he does; He gives it his all every day, he’s a person of character, and he’s what the 12th Man and A&M are all about. He noted that no one puts more effort into practice every day than Matthews.

When asked if pumping long throws would be a new offensive staple, Jimbo responded by saying that deep shots are game-dependent. There are options below, and the plays they’ve used the most, they’ve run the same play multiple times and hit different players with the same concepts. Conner was efficient in every situation, taking plays when there were ones.

Jimbo also took the opportunity to point out that maturity up front was showing, as Conner had a clean pocket more often than not. This was a huge improvement after a lot of injuries last year. Once again, though, the Texas A&M football team was a bit sloppy in the second half. He noted that this contrasts with last year, where they were sloppy in the first half.

Jimbo made sure to point out how well the team handled space when given the chance, specifically shouting out Bryce Anderson, Josh DeBerry, Demani Richardson and Jardine Gilbert. Commenting on the rookies’ performance, Jimbo highly praised the performance of two rookies for the Texas A&M football team: Taurian York and Chase Bissontis. As Jimbo mentioned, it’s hard to play those positions as freshmen. This ended his time directing Conner Wegman in his first press conference as Aggie.

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