Potential US sanctions on IDF ‘absurd’ – Netanyahu — RT World News

Secretary of State Antony Blinken is expected to make a decision soon on an extremist Israeli military unit

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu criticized reported US plans to impose sanctions on an Israeli military unit composed primarily of ultra-Orthodox Jews that is under investigation for alleged human rights violations against Palestinians.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken is expected to announce sanctions against the Netzah Yehuda Battalion over alleged violations committed in the West Bank, US news site Axios wrote on Saturday, citing three anonymous US sources.

In a post on X (formerly Twitter) on Saturday, Netanyahu condemned the idea of ​​imposing sanctions on the Israeli military, adding that he was in contact with US officials to work against the potential decision. At a time when the IDF “Fighting terrorist monsters” This intention “The height of absurdity and the decline of morals” He wrote that his government would take action “By all means against these moves.”

The foreign minister was questioned about Israeli human rights violations at a press conference in Italy on Friday. “You will see the results very soon. I have made decisions. You can expect to see them in the coming days,” Blinken told reporters. He added that the United States is applying the Leahy Law “across the board” and is collecting and analyzing the facts of the matter.

The Leahy Act, named after its main sponsor, Senator Patrick Leahy, prohibits the Departments of State and Defense from providing military aid to foreign militaries and law enforcement units found to have flagrantly violated human rights. If the sanctions are implemented, the unit will be prohibited from receiving any type of American training or material assistance.

According to one of Axios' sources, the decision was based on incidents that occurred before Hamas's October 7 attack on southern Israel. One case that drew attention to the unit was the 2022 death of 78-year-old Omar Assad, who was arrested by Netzah Yehuda soldiers at a checkpoint in the West Bank, bound and gagged, and left in a parking lot. In winter. The Israeli newspaper Haaretz said at the time that an autopsy conducted by three Palestinian doctors, which indicated injuries to his arms and legs, showed that the cause of death was cardiac arrest due to psychological stress caused by physical violence.

According to the newspaper, the unit was redeployed to the Golan Heights in Syria in January last year after 'A relatively large number of accidents' Where soldiers were arrested on charges of beating Palestinians.

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