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DohaThe State of Qatar is preparing to enter the new year and strengthen its commitment to work with the international community to combat the threat of climate change and the effects of desertification facing the world by implementing a series of measures. Successful projects to combat desertification and support the growth of Qatar’s national economy.

As the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification project officer said in 2018, figures show that 70% of the land in the Arab region is deteriorated by drought, climate change, and sand and dust storms, while 30% of the land in the Arab region is deteriorated by drought, climate change, and sand and dust storms. The world has lost its true value. Projections also indicate that drought could affect more than 75% of the world’s population by 2050.

The steps taken by Qatar to combat drought and desertification reveal effective programs to support and diversify the economy and confirm Qatar’s role as an active partner in the international system of collective action to combat desertification and drought since joining the program in 1999. UNCCD.

During the exhibition”Qatar Horticulture Expo 2023“This was held for the first time in the Middle East and was attended by approximately 80 countries, institutions, NGOs and international experts, as well as private sector companies, universities and research laboratories. The meeting reviewed Qatar’s achievements in combating desertification.

Expo 2023 Doha will witness many cultural and awareness events on green environment (Al Jazeera)
Expo 2023 Doha will witness many cultural and awareness events on green environment (Al Jazeera)

sustainable environment

Qatar Ring and combating desertification and drought.

He said that several initiatives are currently being implemented, such as the project to plant 10 million trees by 2030, which the State of Qatar has committed to within the framework of supporting the Green Middle East Initiative launched by Saudi Arabia in 2017. Last year, Egypt’s Sharm el-Sheikh aimed to plant 50 billion trees across the Arab world. This does not include the one million trees completed last year.

Al-Kuwari added that in addition to efforts to increase nature reserves, the country also intends to continuously expand forest belts across Qatar to reduce heat and dust, noting that Al-Bidaa Park is a model green space that should be used in all regions. project.

He emphasized the economic benefits of combating desertification, as trees and natural plants could be used to establish medical factories and provide some employment opportunities.

Furthermore, environmental stability in general contributes to economic stability and growth, he said, stressing the importance of the survey in strengthening national efforts to combat desertification and the spread of a “green culture.”

Fawzi Al-Shammari, Assistant Director of the Department of Wildlife Conservation, revealed that within the framework of Qatar Vision 2030, a comprehensive plan will be launched to transform Qatar into a green space within a few years to protect the environment and combat desertification and drought.

He said the first phase of the program will be launched next week and will include the distribution of 3,000 seedlings of Qatari wild plants, in addition to the distribution of large quantities of seeds and Qatari wild plants to owners of estates and camps who wish to plant. Grow these plants in your home or garden.

Shamari said the first phase will be carried out in phases over the coming seasons, with 6,000 saplings planted first and 10,000 saplings later, allowing Qatar to be transformed into a green space in the coming years.

It is worth noting that according to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs, there are approximately 2,000 gardens spread throughout Qatar, accounting for 2.5% of Qatar’s land area, and are one of the low-lying types of various shapes and sizes. .

The exhibition focuses on combating desertification and adopting agriculture as one of the sustainable solutions (Al Jazeera)
The exhibition focuses on combating desertification and adopting agriculture as one of the sustainable solutions (Al Jazeera)

Innovation projects

Economic expert Abdullah Al Khat stressed the need to expand the greening of streets and squares currently underway to support environmental greening.

He said that Expo 2023 Doha confirms the country’s commitment to move in this direction. He explained that protecting the environment and combating desertification and drought can effectively promote economic growth, reduce economic costs, support the tourism, hotel industry, business and health sectors, and retain a large amount of liquidity to avoid flows that are lost from economic sources due to economic difficulties. sex. Lack of green outlets.

He added that the government’s interest in the environment opens up broad horizons for inward investment by the business sector, including youth, entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises.

He suggested using large areas that are currently not covered by greenery to support the economy and achieve a sustainable environment, establish an integrated maritime transportation system in the country, and work on establishing channels for mobile and internal maritime transportation, explaining that this can provide opportunities for increasing green areas, establishing waterfronts and clearing paths through the woods.

Economist Ali Behzad said that Qatar’s huge efforts in the field of combating desertification and drought are one of the most important plans to support Qatar’s vision of economic stability, as desertification has a negative impact on many sectors such as agriculture, tourism and tourism. had a negative impact. like.

He added that converting deserts into green areas will help increase the agricultural area and prevent the reduction of existing agricultural areas in line with the advanced capabilities of the current era, as greening deserts has become possible through technology and a combination of traditional agriculture. Implement and technology in a sustainable manner and increase environmental awareness. Reduce natural disasters, pollution, desertification and climate change.

He attributed the great interest in the agricultural sector by all parties involved as it motivates farmers, owners of agricultural initiatives, sustainable development projects and entrepreneurs in the field to develop concrete initiatives seeking to achieve national food self-sufficiency in some aspects.

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