Randall Cobb’s penalty kick for the Jets elicits a hilarious reaction from Aaron Rodgers


August 30, 2023 | 1:26 am

Randall Cobb’s illegal block in the first quarter of the Jets’ pre-season finals prompts an appropriate response from Aaron Rodgers and Cobb’s wife, Aida, who expects a fine in the mail soon.

On the Jets’ first drive against the Giants on Saturday, Cobb leveled safety Bobby McCain as Tyler Conklin attempted to drive the ball upfield.

He pleaded his case before the referee.

He later tried to explain to his Jets teammates that he had “passed out” and had not hit another player like that recently.

But that didn’t help the 33-year-old.

“We’ll probably get a mention in the mail here soon,” Aida said during the episode, while noting that she thinks she’s a “big hunk” despite the call.

“Man, I hope he doesn’t get fined for this.”

Randall Cobb was awarded a penalty in the Jets’ last preseason game for this hit.

Rodgers, who spent 10 years playing alongside Cobb in Green Bay, messed with Cobb on several occasions after the penalty kick.

“F-king Cobb-y just lost all his f-king training camp money,” Rodgers said during the episode of Gathering for the Jets.

“What are you doing? This is not 2014.”

Cobb’s path from Green Bay to Gates has been referenced occasionally — and, in part, mostly featuring Aida and their two children — throughout “Hard Knocks,” which released its penultimate episode on HBO Tuesday night.

But his overlap with Rodgers has been consistent.

He nearly retired after the 2022 campaign in Green Bay, when the viral moment he left Lambeau Field alongside Rodgers was the definitive shot of his career.

Cobb’s wife hoped the receiver wouldn’t get a fine for the hit.
Rodgers joked with Cope about the penalty.

Instead, Cobb moved on to the Jets and joined a crowded wide receiver room that already included Garrett Wilson, Allen Lazard, Mikul Hardman and others — though the goals opened up when Corey Davis abruptly retired on Wednesday, a moment not shown in this week’s episode.

Cobb brought his family with him, too, and in a trailer before last week’s episode, Cobb and Aida sit with their two children at the picnic table and tell them they’re expecting another child.

“Do you know how we do the cup-mob dance before bed every night? How many hands are there usually?” Cobb asked his two children, before adding, “There will be five real hands soon.”

So when Rodgers and Cobb spoke to the referee later in Tuesday’s episode, Rodgers joked about Cobb taking the penalty even as Gates “talked about playing smart” – and especially because Cobb had “another kid on the way”.

The Jets beat the Giants in the final preseason game.

“He said he’d pay for it,” Cobb responded to the referee during the ring, glancing at Rodgers.

“He said he would take care of it.”

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