Released prisoner Muazzaz Abayat told Al Jazeera: “Ben Gwir trampled my body inside Ofer prison”

Freed Palestinian prisoner Moaz Abayat said Israel's Minister of National Security Itamar Ben Gvir On December 4 last year, he stepped on his own body while in hospital. Ofer Prison On the West Bank.

He added that he was severely beaten during his arrest in late October last year, while the Prisoners Club said he suffered more than one murder attempt during his arrest.

Yesterday, Tuesday, the occupation authorities released Abayat, whose emaciated body made it difficult for him to move, from Bethlehem prison.

Obayat spent 9 months in… Administrative detention He was released from Negev Prison Although he had no health issues before his arrest, he was in poor health.

Professional responsibility

The Prisoners' Club holds the Israeli authorities fully responsible for the conditions in which the released prisoners are living and once again calls on international human rights bodies to “assume the necessary responsibilities in the face of war.” wipe out The ongoing crimes against prisoners and detainees are an aspect of this genocide.”

The club added: “In light of the violations against prisoners, the Israeli authorities continue to escalate the crime of administrative detention, which as of the beginning of this month reached at least 3,380 people, including women and children.”

The club confirmed that hundreds of administrative detainees, most of them former prisoners who spent years in Israeli jails, were ill.

Thousands of prisoners face systematic torture and starvation in occupied prisons, especially in the Negev, as a result of a policy of systematic abuse of prisoners adopted by the extremist Minister of State Security.

Last April, Ben Gvir said that imposing the death penalty on Palestinian prisoners whom he called terrorists was the right solution to the problem of prison overcrowding.

Leader Ben Gvir added Jewish Power Party The far-right extremist posted on his account on the X platform that he was happy that the Israeli government had approved his proposal to build about 1,000 additional places to hold Palestinian prisoners.

He said the addition to the prisons department would be able to accommodate more Palestinian prisoners and would partially resolve the detention crisis in the prisons department.

On April 17, the Israeli government approved the addition of about 1,000 detention facilities for Palestinian prisoners in the Prison Service at a cost of about 450 million shekels ($119.21 million), 50 percent of which will come from the Defense Ministry budget and 50 percent from other ministries, according to the Walla website Hebrew News.

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