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This post contains spoilers for this week’s episode of Reservation dogs“Frankfurter Sandwich,” is now streaming on Hulu.

Something amazing happens in the first scene of “Frankfurter Sandwich.” When Chase’s adoptive grandmother, Irene, encourages him to leave home and spend time with Elora and the others, she nicknames him “Chippon”. This is the nickname Maximus insists on being called during the events of “House Made of Bongs”, where we learn that he and Eren were part of the same group of friends when they were teenagers. But it is also part of Aboriginal slang, which can simply mean “man”, or used to describe someone as an immature young man or fool.

But as the episode goes on, it becomes clear that Erin’s use of the term is not accidental. She, Bucky and Brownie have their old friend on their mind as they watch Cheese get away from the other Rez Dogs. And so begins what Bucky calls “Operation: Rescue His Nephew,” as the two men, the old man and the old man

Recruit the Cheese to join them on a camping and fishing trip in the woods.

Although Xan McClarnon can play many ages over the span of 20-25, he’s much younger than Wes Studi and Gary Farmer, and Season 1’s “Come and Get Your Love” already proves him well into his pre-teens. in the middle of the season. -The eighties. Even with the lack of a personal connection to the Maximus we know, it’s likely that he comes by because he feels invested in the cowardice, and because the protectorate doesn’t have an abundance of older male role models. (Assuming you think large qualifies.)

What follows is alternately ironic and beautiful. Every culture has its own traditions of wise men who are also incredible fools, and that is very evident here. Brownie gives an inspiring speech about the unique nature of the land they’re camping on, then follows with a big wind rip. Bucky, of course, begins to invoke quantum physics in ways that he might understand but are far from cowardly. And Big, when not making himself sick while ignoring Pooky’s advice on homemade hot sauce, talks about Bigfoot

. However, in this absurd story, there is an emotional truth that even Chase understands: “Sometimes, we need to cry, even if we don’t know it.”

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This sets up another of the season’s hilarious mid-credits scenes (see also Big and Bev’s ongoing gross flirtation in “Friday”), in which we see two Bigfoots (Bigfeet?) urinating in the woods, one of whom tries to wield a sword. Fight the same way Cheese did previously.

Ultimately, the episode’s subtext becomes text, as Chase — borrowing a ritual he learned during his time in the group home last season — gets his three companions to open up. After much cries about a lost friend, Brownie invokes Maximus by name, admitting how he, Eren, and the others failed him nearly 50 years ago. “His name was Maximus,” Brownie explains. “And your grandmother saw you withdrawing away, like him. And something happened. We didn’t believe him. “He needed us, and we turned our backs on him.” Soon all the grown men are crying, in a way that is both silly and poignant at the same time, inspiring Chase to call his friends to watch the sunset with them. This is a beautiful and surprising episode at the same time. When Maximus first appeared, he seemed like a one-off character. Now, half of this final season so far has been about him in one way or another. Perhaps, now that the kids have achieved catharsis over the loss of Daniel, the plan for this past year is to forge a closer connection between previous generations and the ones we’re watching? Or maybe the writing staff fell in love with Maximus after he was first introduced, and couldn’t resist visiting him again and again. Whatever the reason, it’s hard to complain when the episodes related to it are this good.

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