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The move by the British Prime Minister comes after the Conservative Party suffered a crushing defeat by the Labour Party in the general election.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has announced he will step down as leader of the Conservative Party following his party's disastrous performance in Thursday's general election.

Sunak wrote in a tweet on X (formerly Twitter) on Friday: “This is a difficult day, but I leave this job feeling honoured to have been the prime minister of the best country in the world.

“I did my best in this job. But you sent a clear message, and your judgment is the only judgment that matters.” Addressing members of the Conservative Party, he said:

Moments after the letter was published, Sunak gave a speech outside 10 Downing Street, making clear that he would remain leader of the Conservative Party until his successor was chosen.

“I want to say, first and foremost, that I am sorry. I have done my best in this job. I hear your anger and disappointment, and I take responsibility for this loss.” He said.

The Conservatives look set to win just 121 seats in Parliament in the general election, down 244 from 2019. Keir Starmer's Labour Party has emerged as the big winner, on course to win at least 412 seats and a landslide majority. “After this result, I will resign from my position as party leader.” Sunak said.

“It pains me to think of how many good colleagues who have contributed so much to their communities and our country will now no longer be sitting in the House of Commons.” As stated.

After his speech, the Prime Minister went to visit King Charles at Buckingham Palace as part of the handover process.

Buckingham Palace later confirmed that Sunak “I had an audience with the King this morning and tendered his resignation as Prime Minister and First Lord of the Treasury, which His Majesty was pleased to accept.”

Starmer is expected to visit the palace later on Friday, where he will be invited to form the next government. Labour's national campaign director, Pat McFadden, said earlier that he expected a new government to be appointed by the end of the day and hold its first meeting on Saturday.

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