Russian newspaper: This is what awaits the US and Ukraine during Trump's term

The Russian newspaper Gazette published a report by writer Alexey Poplavsky on the expectations for the policies that the Republican candidate will implement. Donald Trump If he wins the US presidential election next November.

The report begins by pointing out that Trump promised in an interview with Time magazine to combat prejudice against white people in the country. USABy taking steps on day one White House Mass deportation of illegal immigrants, whose number is estimated at 15 million.

The author said Trump attaches great importance to border security, including completing the ambitious project he started during his first term, namely building a wall on the China-US border. Mexico.

Trump will also make several concessions to U.S. oil and gas companies, including expanding domestic oil exploration opportunities, which have been limited by the current administration's green policies, and the possibility of unfreezing the Keystone oil pipeline across the Canadian border, which the current president has canceled. Joe Biden.

In addition, Trump promised to grant immunity from prosecution to law enforcement agencies and work to restore the “power and respect” of the police. In addition, in the context of criminal proceedings against him, he did not rule out reducing the number of government employees and deepening his intervention in the affairs of the Justice Department.

Confrontation with the EU

On foreign policy, the author says, Trump has hinted at the possibility of a trade confrontation with… European Union Because of alleged unfairness in purchasing American goods, including cars. The potential for financial disputes also remains Brazil andIndia Especially Mexico ChinaTrump has pledged to curb the latter primarily through new trade tariffs on Chinese goods.

As forUkraine andIsraelIn both cases, Trump confirmed that these events would not happen during his administration. He promised to stop the first conflict even before he took office, but did not reveal how to do it. According to Politico, Trump may stop NATO expansion (Natto) to the east and refused to annex Ukraine andGeorgia Go to the Alliance.

Trump did not provide any details on the situation in Israel, but he publicly criticized the Israeli prime minister Benjamin NetanyahuAt the same time, he made no secret that under his leadership, the United States would continue to defend Israel, including in the event of war with Israel. Iran.

Plans for 2025

The Russian newspaper writer noted that American conservatives have called the possible return of the Republican Party to power under Trump the “Second American Revolution.” Kevin Roberts, president of the Heritage Foundation, said that Americans will take power from oppressive elites and bureaucrats, and the process will be peaceful if the left allows it to happen.

Against this backdrop, the conservative organization, along with former Trump administration officials and other groups, has prepared a set of policy proposals to reform the U.S. executive branch. The 900-page “2025 Plan” calls for firing thousands of government workers, expanding presidential powers, disbanding the Department of Education and other federal agencies, and massive tax cuts.

The document aims to restore family values ​​as an essential part of American life, eliminate the administrative state, protect state sovereignty and borders, and guarantee the right to live freely. Thus, the authors propose transferring the entire federal bureaucracy to presidential control, abandoning environmental restrictions on mining, and ending measures in favor of sexual minorities.

Congressional support needed

The author points out that the liberal media in the United States described the “2025 Plan” as Trump's real plan for re-election, but Trump himself has not officially expressed his full support for the document.

He said implementing Trump's agenda, whether his own strategy or the 2025 plan, requires not only winning elections but also controlling… Republican Party exist Congress Many decisions, particularly those related to strengthening presidential power, require the support of U.S. lawmakers.

It is reported that the Republican Party currently controls parliament But when the Democrats are in control Senate. The balance of power could shift in November as the presidential elections coincide with by-elections to Congress.

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