Specific resistance actions and occupations intensified the bombing of the central region.

Israeli occupying forces intensified their air, land and sea bombardment of the central region and camps. Gaza StripAt the same time, resistance factions announced specific actions that inflicted new losses on the occupying forces.

Al Jazeera's correspondent said that Israeli occupation forces intensified their shelling of the Mugraka area in central Gaza Strip and northwest of Nusserat refugee camp, while warplanes launched a series of fierce new attacks on areas west of Gaza City.

He added that the Israeli march targeted a house in the Nusserat refugee camp and the Israeli strike targeted a house in the Saffron area of ​​the Magazi refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip.

Al Jazeera's correspondent said Israeli gunboats opened fire on the city of Zahra and Nusserat camp in the central Gaza Strip. He also reported that Israel launched an attack east of the city of Khan Yunis in southern Gaza.

Anatolia news agency cited witnesses as saying Israeli warplanes launched a series of violent attacks on the Al Rimar and Tal Al Hawa neighborhoods west of Gaza City.

Witnesses explained that they heard a huge explosion that rocked Gaza City and whose echoes could be heard across large areas of the Gaza Strip.

These are Shujaiya's actions

Meanwhile, the Israeli army said troops from the Paratrooper Brigade completed a two-week combat mission near Shujaiya in Gaza City.

In a tweet on the “X” platform, the occupation army claimed that the brigade's forces destroyed eight tunnels and killed dozens of alleged saboteurs, as well as seized a large number of weapons and ammunition, explaining that the brigade will continue its combat operations in other parts of the Gaza Strip.

The occupation forces expanded their attack on Shujaiya, involving Israeli special forces.

Kassam and Travel

On the other hand, fighting and clashes between the occupation forces and resistance fighters have escalated in several areas of the Gaza Strip, most notably in Rafah, the Shujaiya neighborhood and Tal Hawa in Gaza City.

Al Jazeera obtained footage of intense fighting, showing fighters clashing Qassam Brigades Military wing of the movement agitation Soldiers and vehicles of the occupation forces entered the Talhawa neighbourhood.

The Qassam Brigades broadcast footage of an Israeli soldier being sniped in the Alsina area of ​​Gaza City's Tal Hawa neighborhood.

The Qassam Brigades also announced that Israeli infantrymen were killed and wounded in a well-planned ambush in which two anti-personnel devices were detonated near the Amin Mohammed Mosque, near the Qassam Brigades, adding that its fighters spotted multiple helicopters landing to evacuate the dead and wounded in the ambush.

Qassam also said that his fighters attacked three Merkava tanks near the industrial zone with two Shavaz devices and one Yasin 105 shell.

In the battle for Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip, Qassam said it detonated an anti-personnel device near the Abu Bakr Siddiq Mosque in the Brazilian neighborhood east of Gaza City, causing casualties among Israeli engineering forces.

Qassam also broadcast photos of its fighters storming the headquarters of the Israeli Army's combat command near the Tal Zarub area southeast of the Tal Sultan neighborhood of Rafah city on Friday.

In turn, she declared Quds Brigade The military wing of the Jihad Movement stated that its militants destroyed three Israeli military vehicles with pre-buried ground bombs during the battle in the Tal Hawa area, and bombarded the invading Israeli army crowd with mortar shells, causing direct casualties in their ranks.

The Quds Brigade also announced that they had used mortar shells to bombard Israeli soldiers and vehicles that had intruded into the vicinity of the “Metro Mall” on Shuhada Street and the industrial area west of Gaza City.

In the battle near Shujaya in eastern Gaza City, the Quds Brigade announced that they had clashed with members of the Israeli special forces in a house, resulting in casualties. It is said that the fighters of the Quds Brigade detonated explosive devices in Israeli vehicles and vehicles from scratch and clashed with enemy soldiers in the invading area.

Evacuate the wounded in the occupied areas

Al Jazeera reporters reported that Israeli helicopters landed in the southwest of Gaza City, believed to be an operation to evacuate wounded occupying forces.

Israeli media reported that about five helicopters landed in Israeli hospitals carrying the wounded, calling it an unusual security incident in Gaza. Al Jazeera also reported that Israeli helicopters landed in the Nezarim axis after explosions and heavy gunfire were heard in the middle of Las Vegas Boulevard.

The Israeli army announced that a commando sergeant from the Magellan unit was killed in fighting in the central Gaza Strip, and that two soldiers from the Alexandroni Brigade were seriously wounded in fighting in the central Gaza Strip.

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