Star Wars made history with Ahsoka’s lightsaber battle in Episode I

warning! This article contains spoilers for Ahsoka Episodes 1 and 2.

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  • star Wars’ Ahsoka The series features the first live-action lightsaber duel between women, a landmark moment for the franchise.
  • There will be more lightsaber duels between women in the series, with footage from the show hinting at future battles.
  • AhsokaThe introduction of female-led lightsaber duels opens the door for future Star Wars projects to explore similar battles, whether in television or cinema.

star Wars He actually made history with the lightsaber fight he appeared in Ahsoka Episode 1. Heavy lightsaber combat was promised in the show, with marketing focusing heavily on a number of duels. A few of them actually happened, with Sabine Rin taking on Shin Hatie in the first episode and Ahsoka Tano clashing blades with the mysterious detective Maruke in the second. More lightsaber duels are on the way, Ahsoka Marketing centered around the confrontation between Ahsoka and former Jedi Baylan Skoll.

Lightsaber duels are a hallmark of star Wars, with each of the nine Skywalker saga films including at least one to varying degrees. Battles allow fighters to display their skills, display their emotions, and reveal strength levels, and limbs are often lost. Lusty star Wars Projects have been used to continuing this trend, with Ahsoka frequently participating in duels herself. star Wars He almost did it all in live action, however Ahsoka It marks the first franchise to change the game in lightsaber battles.

Ahsoka contains the first live-action lightsaber duel between women

Sabine and Shin engage in a lightsaber fight in the first episode of Ahsoka

The fight between Sabine and Shane is the first time star Wars Live action in which two women are seen engaging lightsaber blades. while this happened frequently in both Star Wars: The Clone Wars And Star Wars Rebelssuch an event has never happened in any live event star Wars movie or TV show. only time star Wars It came close to the duel between Ahsoka and Nightsister Morgan Elsbeth in The Mandalorian Season 2, though Elspeth wields a biskar instead of a lightsaber.

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Will we see more lightsaber duels between women in the series?

Ahsoka duels Ahsoka's detective.

Trailer footage confirmed that Sabine and Shane would face each other again, definitively confirming yet another fight between the women. When considering other characters, it might be possible for Ahsoka to encounter another female opponent who wields a lightsaber, whether it be Shin herself or someone who manages to get her hands on a lightsaber. Ahsoka and Sabine could also end up sparring with their lightsabers as part of the continuation of Sabine’s Jedi Training, which technically counts as a duel between them.

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Either way, this historic lightsaber battle will continue Ahsoka He opened a promising door for star Wars. While this series may not feature many lightsaber duels between women, upcoming series such as the assistant can add to history Ahsoka I’m starting to move now. The upcoming movie centering on Rey’s New Jedi Order also presents a similar opportunity. The lightsaber fights that took place between female characters in animation are still just as important, but brought to live action Ahsoka It’s a huge, exciting step.

Ahsoka New episodes release every Tuesday at 6pm PT / 9pm ET on Disney+.

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