Stock Roundup 2023: The college football preseason novels I’ll be selling this fall

Game Week is here, folks! rejoice.

Week 1 kicks off on Thursday with a couple of artists in Florida in Utah and Nebraska in Minnesota, among others, so as we wrap up our final preparations for the season, it’s time to start a new weekly column…with a little change.

Every Monday, I’ll look back at the past week and plan for the coming weeks with Monday’s stock report. Who is the stock – be it the team, coach, player, assistant or unit – that went up? Who is holding its shares and who is trending downward?

But as preseason anecdotes mount, we’re going to make a final buy or sell: a stock report on some of the 2023 preseason action – some famous, others a little off the grid.

The first part of the series was a look at the stocks I would buy in 2023. We conclude the second part with the narrative stocks I would sell in college football this fall…

I’m selling… Utah’s chances of winning three straight Pac-12 championships

J.D. Bickle assesses the impact of the Utah State quarterback, Cam High's condition, week one, vs. Florida
Gary A. Vazquez – USA Today Sports

Perhaps it would be foolish to abbreviate a Kyle Whittingham– Coach team, but as much as I respect the 19-year-old veteran coach, I don’t see the Utes pulling three peats as conference champions go into the season with such uncertainty in the midfield.

I don’t have any specifics, but based on how the line moved in Utah’s opener against Florida, it seems unlikely that the quarterback will be cam height You will play in the game. Meanwhile, there is concern that the Utes reserves who managed the first-team representatives during the spring may not be available either. Obviously, this game meant nothing for Utah’s Pac-12 hopes, but there is a domino effect to these doubts.

What happens if Utah starts 0-2 (vs. Florida at Baylor in Week 2) and Rising’s health has been a question all year? What if the defense fails Clark Phillips More than people expect? What if your kind receiver has suffered multiple injuries? The schedule is more difficult this season (they’re tied at UCSD, at USC at OR and at Washington) as well.

Utah has to be really good up front (on both sides of the ball), so they’ll pick one of the other top players from the Pac-12 this fall. I don’t see the Utes returning to Las Vegas for the third year in a row.

I’m selling… Heisman odds for Jaden Daniels

LSU QB Jayden Daniels
Melina Myers | USA Today Sports

I understand the LSU hype. I love Harold Perkins Jr. As far as the next CFB addict. I agree with everyone’s opinion that the NCAA is a bunch of hypocritical commentary clowns Mason Smith.

But the quarterback should Jaden Daniels Do you really have the second best preseason odds of winning the Heisman Trophy in 2023? behind only Caleb Williamswho aims to become the second-ever two-time winner?

Daniels is sure to have plenty of opportunities to make his case as the best dual-threat quarterback in the country this fall, but he’ll need a massive increase in production to make it to New York — let alone win the award.

Last season, Daniels threw for fewer than 3,000 yards. He had 17 touchdown passes and averaged just under 27 attempts per game. He led the nation in rushing yards and finished the season with 885 total yards and 11 points. However, his total numbers were dwarfed by a handful of players last season – most of whom are all Heisman contenders in 2023 as well.

To get the trophy, Daniels would probably need to get 1.5 times his output as a passer, a slight increase as a runner (eg 1,000 yards) + guide LSU to the SEC Championship. Since the College Football Playoff was launched in 2016, Lamar Jackson He is the only winner not to hit the field in his Heisman season.

So Daniels isn’t facing an impossible investment, but that seems like a lot for someone with the current second-best odds in the entire market.

I’m selling… North Carolina State to finish with the No. 3 team in the ACC

north carolina-quarterback-drake-may-progress-updates-set-new-chip-lindsey-offensive
Kirby Lee – USA Today Sports

Will the Tar Heels waste generational talent in the quarterback this fall?

I think they might.

although there was Drake MayThere’s a strange charm about North Carolina going into a massive opener against South Carolina. Through no fault of its own, UNC still doesn’t know if Devontez Walker will be eligible after a ridiculous ruling by the NCAA. There are real concerns on the offensive line as well, and we still have little hint of whether a defense that was the worst in the ACC in terms of scoring, yards per game, pass defense, sacks, and TFLs is all that has improved.

It’s easy (and natural) to fall in love with Maye’s skill set, but even in a diluted ACC squad, a one-man band can’t do much. I think he will miss offensive coordinator Phil Luongo and the defense, which is still struggling, will let him down Jane Chizik Call the shots with marginal employee promotions.

I’m selling… the Pac-12 smashes the College Football Playoff for the first time since 2016

USC quarterback Caleb Williams and the Trojans offense on the field
USC quarterback Caleb Williams (#13) and Trojans offense on the field (acscottphotography/WeAreSC)

The league will be very interesting. Perhaps the most fun conference in the entire sport comes in the fall. But with 5-6 teams – it depends your confidence At UCLA – they’re all capable of beating each other on any given weekend, and that has all the makings of a bunch of teams that dismantle themselves by the end of the season.

November will be Wild, Wild, West in the Pac-12, with USC, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Oregon State, and UCLA essentially playing a fest all month.

Maybe one team – USC? Oregon? — come out unscathed, or with just one loss — but given how tightly intertwined all of these teams are — strengths, flaws and all — it’s hard to see the Pac-12 produce a one-loss (or less) champion capable of reaching the final four-team field.

I’m selling… the idea that the Texas A&M attack can’t lead to a resurgence just because Jimbo Fisher and Bobby Petrino are a weird marriage.

While Jimbo Fisher still has input on the Texas A&M offense, Bobby Petrino has confirmed that he will take over the playing duties in 2023.

I’m buying shares in the Aggies’ offensive renaissance this fall in exchange for the potentially combustible Fisher-Petrino union sale. is it possible? definitely?

But Fisher doesn’t get the $75 million buyout because he’s an uncompetitive idiot. Dude wants to win. and score points. And he finally realized that what he was doing needed to be rebranded. I understand this is just the start of the season, but from all indications coming out of College Station, Petrino will have a real voice in what Texas A&M’s offense looks like this fall.

The pieces are there.

Connor Wegman at quarterback. Evan Stewart, Enas Smith, Moose Mohammed And Noah Thomas Widely. Enhanced O.L. There’s no reason why Texas A&M University – for example – can’t be among the top 5 units in the SEC this fall.

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