Taiwan spotted 66 Chinese military aircraft and a Japanese destroyer near it

The Ministry of National Defense announced Taiwan Today, Thursday, 66 Chinese military aircraft were spotted around the island in the last 24 hours, a record number this year.

The Defense Ministry said in a statement that 56 of the Chinese military aircraft crossed the 180-kilometer-wide median line that divides the Taiwan Strait into two parts: Taiwan Island and mainland China.

This is the largest number of Chinese military aircraft monitored by the Taiwan authorities in a single day on the island this year.

The latest record in this area dates back to May this year, when Taiwan detected 62 military aircraft and 27 warships near its waters and airspace.

and request China Taiwan considers it an integral part of its territory and has stressed that it will not hesitate to use force to recover it.

Beijing has stepped up pressure on Taipei in recent years and conducted military exercises in the region after the inauguration in May of Lai Ching-te, whom Beijing considers a “dangerous separatist.”

Japanese destroyer

In a related context, Japanese media reported late yesterday that a Japanese navy destroyer had caused “serious concern” earlier this month after making a rare entry into Chinese territorial waters near Taiwan without notifying Beijing.

Japan's Kyodo News Agency quoted diplomatic sources as saying that the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force destroyer Suzuki entered China's Zhejiang waters on July 4, and China announced that it would conduct maritime exercises there.

Japanese television also quoted a source from the Japanese Ministry of Defense as saying that the Suzuki entered the waters without notifying China and its mission was to monitor China's missile exercises in the East China Sea north of Taiwan.

The destroyer sailed for about 20 minutes, 22 kilometers from the Zhejiang coast, ignoring warnings from the Chinese ships.

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