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The Irish Mirror newspaper revealed that the Irish government spent up to one million euros a month to house pets owned by refugees.

Irish taxpayers have footed the bill for housing nearly 2,000 pets owned by Ukrainian refugees, including some they acquired after arriving in the country, according to local media.

The money was allocated by the Department for Integration mostly in 2022, with peak spending recorded in November that year, the Irish Mirror reported on Wednesday, based on its own investigations. At that time, there were 1,806 pets staying at hotels and other properties at state expense, including 933 dogs, 819 cats and 54 other animals.

Records reviewed by the media revealed that it costs Ireland up to €20 ($21.50) per night for each animal owned by Ukrainian beneficiaries of temporary protection (BOTPs).

The exact amount spent specifically on non-human guests cannot be determined due to the department “BOTPs and pets are not categorized,” A newspaper spokesman said.

The Irish Mirror estimated that housing the animals was costing taxpayers just over €1 million ($1.07) a month.

It was spending “amazing” And “silly,” Independent MP Michael McNamara told the newspaper, accusing the government of extravagance. He pointed to the administration officials and asked: “On what planet do these people live?”

“I assume that people arriving here with their pets were willing to pay for them the same way others do or as if they were in Ukraine.” added the politician. “But if you find a department that's stupid enough to pay, of course, I won't blame people for letting the department pay for it.”

The administration said it has stopped providing accommodation to Ukrainian pets as of November 9, 2022.

The latest report is a follow-up to a story published by the Irish Mirror in February, which revealed that the Irish Department of Agriculture spent €808,132 (about $869,000) on transport, kennels and veterinary services for Ukrainian pets.

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