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MMA champions earn millions of dollars in prize money through fights organized by the UFC, the world’s leading sport, which has allowed current and retired wrestlers to amass vast fortunes.

Irish wrestler Conor McGregor and his traditional Russian counterpart Habib Nur Mammadov top the list with their fierce rivalry inside the famous UFC cage Tens of millions of dollars were earned from fights and performances.

It’s no surprise that Conor McGregor, nicknamed “The Notorious,” tops the list, as he made more than $39 million in profits during his time competing in the “UFC.”

Dagestani Habib Nur Mammadov earned approximately $23 million during his legendary boxing career. In 2018, the Dagestani won the title of world lightweight martial arts champion with a dramatic victory over McGregor in a historic fight in Las Vegas, USA.

Here is a list of the highest-paid wrestlers in MMA history:

  • Irishman Conor McGregor: More than $39 million.
  • Dagestan – Russian nationality – Khabib Noor Mamedov: Approximately US$23 million.
  • Dutchman Alistair Overeem: More than $15 million.
  • Brazilian-American Nationality: Anderson Silva: More than $13 million.
  • American Andrei Arlovsky: More than $11 million.
  • British Michael Bisping: Over $11 million
  • brazilian teenager dosantos: Approximately $11 million.
  • Canadian Georges St-Pierre: About $11 million.
  • American John Jones: About $11 million.
  • American Donald Cerrone: $10.5 million.

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