Testimonies from 6 Israeli soldiers document atrocities in occupied Gaza

The Israeli website “Siha Mekomit” published the testimony of Israeli soldiers Gaza Strip They provided horrific details of violations taking place in different parts of the Gaza Strip. They told the website details of the orders they received, which made no distinction between civilians or others.

Six unnamed Israeli soldiers agreed in their testimonies that the army ordered unrestricted fire and that they opened fire at will, burning houses and leaving bodies in the streets, except in case one: before the international rescue team entered.

The soldier, known as “Soldier B”, confirmed in his testimony that the army gave soldiers absolute freedom of action and the power to shoot simply on suspicion of danger without any justification, as shown in the report broadcast by Rania Halabi on Al Jazeera.

“Everyone can be shot, from a girl to an old woman,” the soldier said. “We often hear: Why don't innocent people flee the battlefield? Why aren't they on the battlefield?” Rafa Southern Gaza Strip?

He added that soldiers opened fire on Palestinians at the entrance to a school in the Zaydon neighborhood believed to be a shelter for displaced people.

He revealed that even after the army mistakenly killed three Israeli prisoners… Shujaiya Neighborhood East of Gaza City, no one was speaking to the soldiers or changing their firing orders.

Unreasonable shooting

The words of soldier “S” are interspersed in the film: “The shooting is just to prove the existence, there is no reason, whether the target is a human or not, it makes no difference.”

“Sometimes we would shoot just to make sure if it was a dog or a human,” said Soldier “Sh.”

According to another testimony from an Israeli officer, the practice was to shoot without reason at anyone who approached, confirming the targeting of civilians who entered the army-controlled areas.

This practice was confirmed by another soldier serving in the area where humanitarian corridors were being established, who said the orders were directed at anyone who approached them, even displaced civilians looking for “surplus” food.

Soldier D said that “the fire targets displaced Palestinians who are looking for leftover food”, adding that his troops have not been concerned about schools, places of worship, hospitals or buildings of international organizations. As for orders not to shoot, they are rare and do not exceed the number of fingers on two hands.

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