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Moroccan novelist Abdel Wahid Estito has launched a new interactive novel titled “The Suitcase” on the popular Chinese app “Tik Tok”, a first-of-its-kind experience in the country, specifically targeting young men and teenagers.

The novel is released in the form of video clips with the author's voice reading its contents, allowing readers and viewers to follow and interact with the work, and even draw some character traits by suggesting them. They made comments.

Interactive Fiction

The Suitcase is an interactive novel published chapter by chapter on the Tik Tok platform, where you participate in the events that create it and determine the fate of its hero. The novel tells the story of a taxi driver living in the Moroccan city of Tangier. (North), where a murder takes place before his eyes, and then he discovers that the customer … The victim of the crime forgot that he had a mysterious bag. Continue with the first chapter of the novel. , where we all write the world's first interactive novel on this platform.

Estito thus began the first episode of his novel on the TikTok platform, allowing many viewers to interact with this groundbreaking work.

Esteto told Anadolu Agency that the novel is a new work of digital literature that reaches readers through the TikTok platform as a medium, and it relies on the “interactivity” adopted in his previous works, such as the novels “The Only One” and “Millimeters Away”, which won the Arab Creativity Award as the first interactive novel on the Facebook platform.

As for choosing Tik Tok to publish his literary works, Estito pointed out that “statistics show that this platform has surpassed most social media sites in terms of usage rates among teenagers and young adults.”

He noted that his new novel is specifically targeted at this category, being a young adult detective novel, and added that the motivation was the “book says” tag for books on the platform, which helped many authors sell 20 million books in 2019 and 2021.

“The platform has a huge young readership worldwide, and we are working hard to provide literature and fiction to young users and encourage them to fall in love with reading,” said the Moroccan novelist. “Discussions and complaints about the reluctance to read have never stopped.”

But he saw that “the readership, however extensive, was still very simple compared with other regions and countries.”

Approved methods

The Moroccan novelist relies on what he calls “interactive visual narrative,” an audio narrative that shows an approximate visual scene of an event, since “Tik Tok” is not just an audio platform and images are needed to enhance the content posted on it.

As for the interactive level, readers can interact through comments, polls (which will be released later), and can also discuss events directly with readers and followers through the “Live” function.

According to statistics, as of Sunday, July 7, the number of followers of the novel page has exceeded 104,000 readers, the views of the six published chapters range from 17,000 to about 55,000, and the total number of likes for the published novel paragraphs exceeds 6,000.

Novelist Estito (born in Tangier in 1977) won the Arab Creativity Award-Literary Chapter Award from the Arab Thought Foundation in 2018 for his novel “Just a Millimeter Away”; it was the first interactive Arabic novel on the Facebook platform and was later published in paper form.

After that, he published two novels in the same way: “The Tramp” and “Aldiba”, then “Tingo”, in the form of a smart interactive application novel, and the last work is “In Front of Them”, an interactive novel shared on the Facebook platform by the Sudanese writer “Anne Al-Safi”.

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