“The clown sequence for One Piece was the hardest Marc Jobst ever shot.”

The Big Picture

  • Filming Buggy the Clown was director Marc Jobs’ toughest challenge in the live-action film adaptation one piece.
  • Jobst was worried that Buggy’s split limbs would look silly on screen, but actor Jeff Ward was impressed in his audition.
  • The confrontation between Buggy and Luffy in the circus tent was a standout moment, with Ward’s powerful presence elevating the scene.

Translation of a scientist one piece Living in action is no small feat given how inherently ridiculous it is Iichiro OdaIt could be the original manga. For example, Monkey D. Luffy, the series’ protagonist and wannabe Pirate King, has the ability to stretch and shape himself as needed thanks to a Devil Fruit he ate as a child. The many people and places he and the Straw Hat Pirates encounter along the way are full of unique creative and imaginative ideas that make Oda’s work stand out. When shooting for the first season of the Netflix series, however, the director Mark Jobst explained to collider Arzoo Amin That Buggy the Clown was the hardest to capture of all.

one piece The series revolves around Luffy’s epic journey as he sails the high seas to recruit pirates for his crew, explore new lands, and most importantly, search for Gold Roger’s titular treasure, the One Piece. During his travels, he is introduced to rival pirate Buggy, one of the series’ most popular and recurring characters who is not part of the Straw Hats. The leader of the Buggy Pirates, he also possesses the power of a Devil Fruit, only allowing him to split his body into smaller pieces at will making him an especially cunning foe. However, this power is also a major reason why Jobst struggles to bring the character to life on screen.

Well, Buggy was the biggest challenge, I think. Identification card “I’ve never experienced anything while filming something,” said Jobst. His main fear was that the clown pirate’s many separate limbs would look too strange when depicted in live action. We were all a little nervous about this because it’s too complicated not to sound silly. And again, because we were creating a world based, somehow you have to believe, “Well, of course, he can cut himself into 1,000 pieces.” Of course. Why? Doesn’t he? So that was the challenge.” Regarding the actor behind the clown makeup, there weren’t any concerns with him Brand new cherry flavour And Shield agents a star Jeff Ward Stepping into Buggy’s shoes. “When Jeff Ward auditioned for us, he would put on makeup, jump off the screen during the audition and grab your throat, so we knew we had our own buggy.”

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Jeff Ward made Buggy the Clown really work for Marc Jobs

Despite all the hardships of shooting Buggy, it was all worth it for Jobst when he got to see Ward and Iñaki Godoy face on set. The team’s work is shown briefly in the full trailer for one piece Which shows the clown pirate being trapped between Nami and Zoro with his power in a circus tent and preparing for an attack, laughing and screaming along the way. But when faced with the relentless optimism of Lofty Godoy, he really shines, says Jobs:

“Then, when we went on set, and we shot with him on his first day, it was this huge, enormous tent. It’s just a wide set made all out of old canvas sails, and everything, sewn together. We must have had, ‘I don’t know,’ Three, 400 extra pieces in it, and it only takes up about half the tent, it’s huge. Jeff walked on this stage, and he was roaring, and he was beautiful. He owned this stage, he owned this floor, and it was like, “Wow! Now let’s see how Luffy reacts.” And of course, what was cool was that Jeff used up his words and had that space, which made Luffy work harder. So you have this magical thing about Luffy, saying this is fun, and Boogie saying, “I’ll eat you,” and that makes it really exciting. And the fact that Luffy wasn’t afraid to bite Buggy and his roar, and all the rest of that, made Buggy even angrier, which then became really dramatic.

Much of the credit for the Buggy episode also goes to the cinematographer Nicole Whitaker and production designer Richard Bridgland Jobst says. Whitaker, who was recently out of work Taylor Sheridan‘s Special Ops: The Lioness For Paramount+, he welcomed the change in genre that came with it one piece Shifts in tone, lighting, and setting are embraced as the crew explores the wider world. “It’s a tough episode to shoot, but I think Nicole lit it beautifully and Richard Bridgland brilliantly choreographed it,” Jobst added. “In the darkness of it all, you’ll probably notice if you go back to it, that it gets darker gradually, the light literally. So it starts with a lot of colors and lights, lights moving around, and you’ve got white and yellow and red and blue and all the rest of it, and gradually, by the time you “We get into the tank, and it becomes almost monochromatic.”

Netflix one piece The live-action adaptation also stars Emily Rudd, Macinho, Vincent Regan, Taz Skylar, Jacob Romero GibsonAnd Morgan Davis Godoy vs. The series will premiere on August 31. Watch the trailer below.

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