The final 2023 roster of the 53-man Washington Chiefs

With two preseason games over, and only today’s game against the Bengals, it’s very likely Washington’s final roster has already been drawn up — assuming there aren’t any work-stopping injuries. However, I predict (hope) that Washington’s key players will get very little, if any, game time tonight, and that what we’ll see mostly is third-tier players showing the rest of the world what they’ve got. Here are my predictions for the Final 53, and a lot of squad training.

Crime (25):

QB (2):

Despite new NFL rules allowing teams to carry a third center fielder without that counting toward their 46-man active roster on game day, I don’t think Washington will add Jake Fromm to their final group of 53, as that is badly needed. to this center elsewhere. Howell won the starting job, and Brissett is one of the better QB2 players in the league.

Sam Howell

Jacoby Brissett

Regular Budget (3):

I’ll admit it would be unusual for Washington to carry less than 4 right-backs on the roster, but then again, that free spot is very much needed elsewhere on the team, and I don’t think Jonathan Williams or Garrett Patterson are very good ones that are likely to be poached. . While I think Rodriguez could eventually become Right Back 1, I would expect Ron Robinson to start in that role, with Gibson taking on the role of Third Back.

Brian Robinson

Antonio Gibson

Chris Rodriguez


Logan Thomas basically sat out the entire preseason, which is a testament to the fact that Ron wants his TE1 back healthy against the Cardinals. Bates and Turner will get plenty of opportunities this year, too. I think Hodges played his part out of the 53-man roster in pre-season. Will the team keep full back Alex Armah? I have my doubts.

Logan Thomas

John Bates

Cole Turner

ol (10):

Washington’s offensive line has a lot of moving parts and has seen major injuries over the past two years. I think the team is holding back here – as it should – and keeping 10 OL’s on the season. The most positive thing that can be said about this group is that it has a great deal of positional flexibility.

Charles Leno

Sadiq Charles

Nick Gates

Sam Cosmi

Andrew Wiley

Cornelius Lucas

Ricky Stromberg

Tyler Larsen

Chris Paul

Brayden Daniels

WR (7):

This is Washington’s most talented WR room since – probably – the Posse. With Terry McLaurin hitting a turf toe, I think Rivera is keeping an extra WR or two, to avoid the possibility of grabbing a developing player immediately after the cut, and to make sure the team has the right depth if Terry is out. a few weeks.

Terry McLaurin

Jahan Dotson

Curtis Samuel

Diamy Brown

Byron Pringle

Casmir Allen

Mitchell Tinsley

Brad Mills – USA Today Sports

Defense (25):

The line of defense is completely stacked. It seems certain that at least one of the players who won’t be on the team from this group will be tripped up by someone else at this point. To me, the odd guy is Casey Twohill, even with ten players along the line. alternative? Risking one of the individuals recruited this year (either Henry or Jones) or exposing a cult, which I think brings more to the table than Twohill does. Maybe someone will get a phantom injury before the cuts.

D (6):

Montez sweat

Chase Young

James Smith Williams

KJ Henry

Evie cult

Andre Jones

DT (4):

John Allen

Daron Payne

John Ridgway

Phil Mathis

lbs (4):

The full-back is a position with little depth in the team, but also one of the less important positions in Jacques Del Rio’s defence. I think David Mayo will be there for at least another year, and Milo Elver and Dijon Harris will go into the coaching staff.

Jamin Davis

Cody Barton

Stay Hudson

David May

CB (6):

Would it be unbelievable to carry 11 defensive backs? Not if many of them bring value to high-end special teams, and many in this group do (Holmes, Reeves, Butler, among others). Rashad Wildgoose and Kendall Smith go on to the coaching staff, while the Washington base room remains one of the most talented in recent memory.

Kendall Fuller

Emmanuel Forbes

Benjamin St. Just

Danny Johnson

Christian Holmes

Tariq Castro Fields

Q (5):

Camryn Curl

Darrick Forest

Kwan Martin

Percy Butler

Jeremy Reeves

Stan Szeto – USA Today Sports

Special Teams (3):

Props to Ron for his kicking competition with Badgley, and for bringing in an experimental gambler (Ballardi) while Way was injured. Badgley’s leg probably isn’t strong enough for a serious NFL career, and the punter seems like someone who could be called from his couch in an emergency. Let’s hope Cheeseman can master his shots, or maybe we’ll find another long snapper.

Joy Sly (k)

Al-Khala Road (PBUH)

Cameron Cheeseman (LS)

Training squad:

Among those I think would make a PS are:

  • Jake Fromm
  • Dax Milne
  • Marcus Kemp
  • Garrett Patterson
  • Jonathan Williams
  • Curtis Hodges
  • Alex throw it
  • Aaron Montero
  • Alex Akingbolo
  • Kendall Smith
  • Rashad Wildgoose
  • Mason Brooks
  • Trent Scott
  • William Bradley King
  • Milo Elver

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