The “Kara” bomber that shot down the plane .. Learn about Hezbollah's most powerful drone policy


An Israeli newspaper report stated: Hezbollah The Lebanese company owns Iranian drones called “Karrar,” which were developed by Iranian engineers based on American drones. Israel It faces enormous difficulties in its fight against Hezbollah.

The report, written by Israeli author Nitzan Sadan and published by the Calcalist newspaper, said Israel's task of maintaining security in the north and repatriating settlers had become out of reach due to the presence of the aircraft in Hezbollah's arsenal.

The author explains that the Kara UAV was developed from the American Stryker UAV. Iran's development includes moving the engine from the belly to the tail, increasing the fuel tank capacity, adjusting the wings, reducing the weight, etc. While increasing the flight speed, it also increases its rigidity and durability.

Offensive March

He added that the Kara drone, produced in 2010, is a multi-mission attack drone considered the pride of Iran's ingenuity and a project adopted by Iran's former president. Ahmadinejad Its flight range can reach thousands of kilometers, and its flight speed can reach 700 kilometers per hour. When it needs to quickly leave the dangerous area, the speed can reach 900 kilometers.

It can also reach altitudes of 35,000 feet (35,000 ft) like a fighter jet, or soar to treetops to confuse detection like a cruise missile. The Kara doesn't fly empty-handed, it carries a 225kg MK-82 multi-purpose bomb and drops it like an F-16 aircraft.

The author said Iranian sources said the Karrar drone demonstrated the ability to shoot down a US reconnaissance aircraft, but they did not provide written evidence.

The author adds that Hezbollah could place an armor-piercing cluster bomb on the Kara to threaten tanks and command posts instead of a conventional fragmentation bomb. It could also place a light anti-ship torpedo or anti-runway bomb to disable the airport.

It was used in the Syrian war

He pointed out that Hezbollah uses the “Karrar” drone… Syrian War It was considered a cheap and easy to maintain weapon, like most of the weapons it produced. Iran.

The author believes that without a team accompanying the march, the Israeli march will face the threat of “Karal” Iron Dome.

Sadan said that if a large-scale war breaks out… LebanonThe Karrar is likely to see action in combat as it is considered a more powerful weapon than other drones in the hands of Hezbollah in the north.

The author emphasizes that Israel's real challenge to the “Karrar” lies in suicide attacks and their ability to penetrate deeper into Israel than conventional marches. To counter this problem, Israeli fighters constantly roam the sky and have accumulated extensive experience in intercepting targets of the size and shape of the “Karrar”.

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