The new iOS 17 AirPods Pro feature will surprise some iPhone users

Once iOS 17 rolls out to supported iPhone models, AirPods Pro owners will discover some new features for their wireless earphones, including something called Conversation Awareness. It’s a cool new AirPods trick that allows you to have conversations without removing the earphones. The program will automatically lower the volume for you and boost the voice of the person in front of you.

If, like me, you follow all of Apple’s software developments or are interested in technological innovation that can protect your hearing, you know what Conversation Awareness does. You may have already experienced it in the iOS 17 beta.

But most people don’t follow technology news closely. Maybe they think there is something wrong with their expensive pair of Apple earphones. Fortunately, Siri will come to the rescue.

Apple’s voice assistant will inform the AirPods Pro owner why the volume is low as they begin to become aware of the conversation. someone in 9to5Mac Find out the feature While using the latest iOS 17 beta. Siri chimed in with a message along the lines of “Just so you know, AirPods have reduced volume due to conversation awareness,” as the wearer was talking to someone while listening to a podcast.

As we recently explained, Conversation Awareness is intended to improve communication while using AirPods Pro with your iPhone:

Conversation Awareness: Another feature that comes along with adaptive voice is conversation awareness. AirPods Pro 2 owners can easily start a conversation while listening to a song. This function reduces background noise and amplifies the voice of the person in front of you.

Due to the above discovery, it appears that Conversation Awareness might be automatically enabled on AirPods Pro once iOS 17 is released. You may be able to turn off the feature if you don’t want to take advantage of it. But I will definitely continue to do so.

Apple iPhone 12 on a desk next to AirPods and Amazon Echo Dot
Apple iPhone 12 on a desk next to AirPods and Amazon Echo Dot. Photo credit: Christian de Lauber for BGR

As I get older, I care more about my hearing than I used to. That’s why I’ve implemented automations to ensure that the iPhone volume never gets close to 100% when I’m about to use my wireless earbuds.

But the conversation awareness feature should be just as useful. It not only lowers the music volume but also amplifies the other person’s voice. AirPods may become great hearing aids one day, but until we get there, features like conversation awareness are an excellent stopgap.

AirPods Pro 2 models will get additional features that can protect your hearing, like customized volume and adaptive noise control. We’ve already covered these iOS 17 features for AirPods in case you need more details.

Apple will release the official iOS 17 in a few weeks. Then you can experience conversational awareness on iPhone and AirPods Pro. Or you can install the latest beta and check out the feature now.

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