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British Foreign Secretary David Cameron said he hoped there would be no “retaliation” for the Iranian attack

British Foreign Secretary David Cameron said Israel had every right to respond after the Iranian drone and missile attack over the weekend, but it would be better to refrain from escalation.

The Iranian strikes, which Israeli officials say included about 300 drones and missiles of various types, were in response to the bombing of an Iranian consular compound in Syria earlier this month that killed a number of senior Iranian military officers. Iran believes that Israel was behind the attack, although West Jerusalem has neither claimed nor denied responsibility.

In an interview with Sky News on Monday, Cameron, who served as UK Prime Minister between 2010 and 2016 and was appointed Foreign Secretary last year, described the Iranian strike as… “Double defeat.” He said the attack “It was almost a complete failure, and they revealed to the world that they are the malign influence in the region.”

Referring to the scale of the attack, Cameron said: He added: “Of course, if you are sitting in Israel this morning, you are thinking absolutely correctly – we have every right to respond to this… but we urge de-escalation.”

“I completely understand those who want to see more in Israel, but I think this is the time to think with the head and the heart, and to be smart and tough as well.” he argued.

Cameron added that he hoped there would be no such thing “retaliation” The world will shift its focus back to Hamas and the hostages captured by the Palestinian militant group after it attacked Israel last year.

Israeli officials claimed that the military shot down 99% of incoming Iranian drones and missiles and that the attack had already occurred “Only minor damage to the infrastructure at the Nevatim base.” The officials added that Air Force operations in the area were not affected.

However, Iran insisted that the bombing was more successful than expected, claiming that “Important military targets” It was destroyed, and the Nevatim air base became inoperable. Tehran said it did not intend to continue the attacks, but warned Israel of a harsh response if it retaliates.

CNN reported, citing sources, that Israel has not yet taken a decision on how to respond. One of the network's sources indicated that an Israeli official informed the United States that his country was not seeking to escalate the confrontation.

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