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The embattled president “still has all the power,” his Republican rival told Fox News.

US President Joe Biden “He doesn't want to resign” And “It may stay well” His Republican rival Donald Trump said the Democratic Party would find it difficult to force Biden to resign.

In the two weeks since his debate with a clearly weak and confused Biden last month, Trump has largely stayed out of the public eye, while liberal media outlets have published articles questioning Biden’s ability to win. Psychological healthDemocratic donors and lawmakers also reportedly Weight Their options to force the 81-year-old to suspend his re-election campaign.

In a phone interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity on Monday evening, Trump predicted that Biden would resist pressure to step down.

“It seems to me that he may stay in office.” Trump told Hannity: “He has an ego and he doesn't want to give up. That's not necessarily a positive thing for our country, but I think he might stay in office.”

Biden himself has pledged to stay in the race, telling MSNBC on Monday that he “I will not go anywhere.” In a letter to congressional Democrats earlier that day, Biden insisted that “I wouldn’t run again if I didn’t absolutely believe I was the best person to beat Donald Trump in 2024.”

Biden won the support of nearly 99 percent of Democratic delegates during this year’s symbolic primary. The win gives the president “Lots of energy,” Trump told Hannity that removing him from office through a constitutional amendment may be the only option available to Democrats.

“Unless they use the 25th Amendment… he has all the power.” Trump explained. “He has the delegates, he doesn’t need to get out. There’s nothing they can do to get him out.”

Trump said that if that happens, he expects to face Vice President Kamala Harris in the presidential election next November.

“I think that [the Democrats] “They're very worried about voting if it's not her.” He said. “They’re afraid of being shot, and they don’t want to do anything else. It seems like if he gets out for whatever reason — and I don’t think he wants to get out — but if he gets out, it’s going to be her.”

Trump offered a more stern assessment of Biden's chances in the days following the debate. In leaked Shots Filmed at one of his golf courses in late June, Trump can be heard telling a small group of supporters that Biden will definitely be “withdraw from the race” The president was described as “An old broken pile of junk.” Trump turned to Harris, saying that while she would be a better opponent, she “Pathetic” And “very bad.”

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