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After his two-hour interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow, American journalist Tucker Carlson spoke about his experience at the World Government Summit in Dubai.

In an hour-long interview with broadcaster Imad El-Din Adeeb, Carlson addressed why the conversation with Putin did not touch on certain topics, how the American political establishment reacted to it, and why Washington failed to understand Moscow, among other issues.

Putin the diplomat

According to Carlson, he had an informal conversation with Putin after their recorded interview ended. But he did not reveal what was discussed.

Carlson said that Putin seemed ready to negotiate with the West about the end of the Ukrainian conflict and a new balance of power in the world. Diplomacy is the art of compromise, and almost everyone does it “Perhaps unlike the United States during the unipolar period.” Carlson said he understands this. He added that while Putin wants to end the conflict, his position will only harden the longer it continues.

NATO and Russia

One of the most important revelations in the interview with Carlson was that Russia had requested to join NATO – and while then-US President Bill Clinton seemed receptive, his aides opposed the idea but it ultimately failed.

Carlson said in Dubai: Since NATO's primary goal is to keep the Soviet Union out of Western Europe, “If the Russians ask to join the coalition, it indicates that you have solved the problem and can move on to do something constructive with your life. But we refused.”

“Go sit in the sauna for an hour and think about what that means.” he added.

The problem is with Western politicians

Politicians in the West do not position themselves “Realizable” Objectives, as Carlson argued.

He added: “I personally heard US government officials say that we just have to return the Crimean Peninsula to Ukraine.” He said. He added: “This will not happen unless a nuclear war breaks out.” “This is actually crazy.”

Even coming up with this kind of idea “It shows that you are a child, that you do not understand the area at all, and that you have no real sense of what is possible,” The journalist concluded.

It's always Munich 1938

According to Carlson, one of the biggest issues in the United States and the West in general is the tendency to reduce everything to the 1938 Munich Conference, at which Britain and France sought to reach an agreement. “appease” Nazi Germany granted part of Czechoslovakia.

“The historical template for the American policymaker is small — in fact there's only one — which is a two-year period in the late 1930s, and everything is based on this understanding of history and human nature. That's crazy,” he said. Carlson said.

How did Moscow radicalize him?

Carlson noted that he is 54 years old and grew up in an America that has nice, safe, beautiful cities. “And we no longer have them.”

He was “extremism” To see Moscow “Cleaner, safer and more beautiful” He said it was better than American cities, or remember that in Dubai and Abu Dhabi – while in the US, one cannot take the subway in New York City because it is dirty and unsafe.

“This is a voluntary choice.” He said. “You don't have to have a crime, actually.”

Responding to the backlash

When asked why he did not raise certain topics with Putin, Carlson said he wanted to do the interview because he was interested in how the Russian leader sees the world — and not insert himself into the discussion.

Carlson added that most journalists who interview leaders the United States doesn't like tend to talk about themselves, and since he only cared about the approval of his wife and their children, he didn't need to virtue signal.

In response to a question to comment on former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's description of him as… “useful idiot” As for Russia, Carlson laughed.

“She's a child, and I don't listen to her.” He said. “How is Libya?”

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