Two U.S. officials: Washington is studying plans to release Gaza hostages


ABC News quoted two U.S. officials as saying that the United States retains all options to repatriate “hostages” held by Palestinian resistance groups in the Gaza Strip. Gaza Negotiations to free them continue.

The network quoted two officials as saying that the United States plays an important role in promoting negotiations between Islamic resistance movements (agitationMeanwhile, Israel is working with international partners to develop plans for tactical hostage rescue operations, which could be carried out if it is confirmed they can be carried out “with a reasonable level of risk.” expression of the website.

Two officials confirmed that Washington believed that a deal through mediators to free the hostages was the best option to secure the release of large numbers of hostages, noting that conditions on the ground in the early stages of the war made it very difficult. Conduct any hostage rescue operations.

The United States is working with Qatar and Egypt to push for an agreement between Israel and Hamas to release many prisoners in Gaza, quoted two officials as saying. Israel estimates that there are more than 200 prisoners in Gaza, about 10 of whom hold U.S. citizenship. .

ABC News also quoted senior U.S. government officials as saying that Hamas and Israel had been on the verge of reaching an agreement at various stages in recent weeks, but each time the talks collapsed in the final round.

The network said multiple sources confirmed that Hamas and Israel are in talks to reach a deal that would allow the release of 50 hostages – most of them women and children – in exchange for a few days of truce and the release of a yet-to-be-reported number. Identified Palestinian children and women are being held in Israeli prisons.

Abu Ubaida is the spokesman for the brigade Izzy al-Din Kassam The military wing of the Hamas movement announced on Saturday that it had lost contact with some organizations responsible for protecting Israeli prisoners in Gaza, saying that the fate of the prisoners and their kidnappers remained unknown after the loss of contact.

Hamas previously announced that it had held 200 to 250 Israelis and prisoners of other nationalities during the aqsa floodsOn October 7, the Qassam Brigade was launched.

Hamas said the detainees included “senior military personnel” and expressed a desire to trade them for more than 6,000 Palestinian prisoners, including children and women, in Israeli jails, but Tel Aviv was not serious about such a deal.

The movement responded to Qatari mediation efforts by releasing four female prisoners, including two with U.S. citizenship, “on humanitarian grounds” and two Israeli women through Egyptian-Qatar mediation.

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