UK airports paralyzed by nationwide system outage (VIDEOS) — RT World News

A glitch in automated check-in systems has caused travel chaos across the country

Airports across the UK were hit with delays on Tuesday evening after a nationwide disruption “Technical issue” It caused disruption to British Border Force electronic systems for more than four hours. The slowdown in service led to delays and long lines among arrivals at airports across the country.

Footage circulating online showed vast queues building up as services slowed to a crawl. Some customers have complained that unexpectedly long lines are straining infrastructure, and are reportedly leaving some customers without access to adequate water and toilets. Others also showed blank screens at electronic gates.

The BBC wrote that Heathrow, Gatwick, Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester, Newcastle and Edinburgh airports confirmed problems with the Border Force system, which led to a long delay in the arrival of passengers on Tuesday.

The Interior Ministry said in a statement on Wednesday that the system's network problem was discovered at 7:44 pm Tuesday. “Electronic gates at UK airports returned to operation shortly after midnight.” They announced adding that He added: “At no time was border security breached, and there is no indication of malicious cyber activity.”

There are more than 270 e-gates at UK airports and railway stations, According to To the country's government website. They typically allow for quick service using facial recognition for UK, EU and other citizens. However, Belfast Airport, which does not have electronic gates, also saw its Border Force systems affected, according to the BBC.

Tuesday was not the first time IT issues have brought UK airports to a standstill. In August last year, an air traffic control breakdown, caused by a glitch in the computerized flight planning system, led to the cancellation of about 1,500 flights. More than 700,000 passengers were affected overall, with around 300,000 cancelled, according to the UK Civil Aviation Authority. estimated in March

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