UK election: Sunak urges voters not to let Labour win landslide majority

British voters continue to vote in the general election, which began on Thursday morning, to elect 650 members of parliament. In the House of CommonsWhile looking forward to its arrival Labour Party Show strength.

The Prime Minister made Rishi Sunak He then tweeted on the “X” platform, calling on the UK not to give the Labour Party the chance of a landslide victory in these elections.

As the Labour leader said Keir Starmer He later wrote a tweet in his own voice, saying the current election would determine the future of Britain.

Hours before polls closed, Al Jazeera’s Mina Harbrow, reporting from London, said voters in Holborn, a stronghold of the Labour leader, continued to vote smoothly following a strict procedure to ensure the fairness of the election.

Habulu reiterated the high voter turnout in the Hilburn constituency and said voters often participate in large numbers in general elections to choose the representatives who will represent them in the House of Commons for the next five years.

According to Al Jazeera reporters, voters believe that voting in elections is a way to choose who will shape the country's future, and not participating means leaving the country's fate to others to decide based on their knowledge.

Al Jazeera’s Mohammed Madhoun, reporting from the Yorkshire city in Rishi Sunak’s constituency, said people continued to come to polling stations, witnessing a quick and painless process, noting that candidates were urging citizens to vote and contribute to shaping the country’s independence.

This election not only saw fierce competition among the major political parties, but also saw the largest number of independent candidates participating in the election.

The number of voters is very limited

In contrast, Al Jazeera’s Noureddine Bou Zayan said polling stations in Manchester were almost empty, and stressed that Darlington in the north-east of the country – a pre-eminent working-class city – had found no momentum for voting, despite having been the capital of the mining and railway industries for many years.

The city, which is predominantly working class, flipped to the Conservatives in the 2019 election due to residents' support for the Brexit project. European Union then(BrexitBut Bozian said today they found that the situation had not changed after leaving the EU.

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