UK troops won’t ‘fight side by side’ with Ukrainians – London — RT World News

The Prime Minister's spokesman said that Britain had ruled out “full military deployment.”

A British government spokesman told Russia's TASS news agency on Wednesday that London has no plans to send its troops to fight Russia alongside Ukrainian soldiers.

This comment came after French President Emmanuel Macron said that he could not rule out a final presence of NATO forces on Ukrainian territory, as the conflict between Kiev and Moscow continues.

The French President initially proposed the idea in late February and later doubled down on his position when he described Russia as an effective state. “Discount”. He denied that Paris was like that “make a war” But against Moscow.

Following Macron's statements, Le Monde newspaper reported that France has been considering the idea of ​​deploying troops since at least June 2023.

The head of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, Sergei Naryshkin, said on Tuesday that Paris is preparing to send up to 2,000 soldiers to Ukraine.

A spokesman for British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak's office told TASS that London has no such plans. British soldiers wouldn't do that “Fighting side by side” The official added that the government in London had ruled out this with the Ukrainians “Comprehensive military deployment”

The British government told reporters last month that it would not send additional troops “Beyond the small number of personnel we have in the country supporting the Ukrainian armed forces.”

Commenting on a possible NATO deployment to Ukraine earlier this week, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that it would… “One step shy of a full-scale World War III.”

Several NATO members also said they had no plans to send troops to Ukraine. The US-led bloc confirmed that it does not want to become a party to the conflict, but it will continue to support Kiev with weapons and money in order to help Kiev. “Whatever it takes.”

Russia has repeatedly claimed that Western arms deliveries effectively make NATO countries active participants in the conflict and risk further escalation. Putin said last month that Moscow had no intention of attacking NATO members unless it was attacked first.

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