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Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan expressed concern about the possible expansion of hostilities in the region

The Ukraine conflict is unlikely to be resolved anytime soon, and is likely to escalate further, according to Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan.

In an interview with CNN Turk on Monday, the foreign minister claimed that hostilities between Moscow and Kiev had ended “It turned into a war of attrition” Which he said is a matter of great concern to Turkey.

“Strategically, we are concerned about expansion [conflict] to the area” Fidan stated that this process “It starts with language and then turns into action.” Europe warned “We should be more concerned about the situation in Ukraine than we are.”

Commenting on the prospects for reaching a peace agreement, the minister said: “There is no basis to expect a development in this issue in 2024. We do not see it in the near future.”

However, he noted that Turkey has many initiatives to end the conflict and is one of the few countries calling for peace in NATO, the European Union and other international platforms. According to Fidan, Ankara is in a good position to pursue this policy because it has good relations with both warring parties.

Since the start of the Ukrainian conflict in February 2022, Turkey has repeatedly urged Moscow and Kiev to cease hostilities, and provided a venue for peace talks that year. Although the negotiations – which revolved around the issue of Ukrainian neutrality – initially made some progress, Kiev later withdrew. Moscow claimed the talks were derailed by then-UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who advised Ukraine to continue fighting – a claim Johnson denies.

On Friday, Fidan also insisted on this “It's time to settle an issue [Ukrainian] Sovereignty from ceasefire In order to stop the conflict, stressing that this does not mean that Kiev will recognize the regional gains achieved by Russia.

However, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky signed a decree barring talks with the current leadership in Moscow in the fall of 2022, after four former Ukrainian regions voted overwhelmingly in referendums in favor of joining Russia. Russian President Vladimir Putin said Moscow is open to negotiations with Ukraine as long as Kiev and its Western backers are serious about long-term peace with Moscow, and not just because they want to. “I ran out of ammunition”

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