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Antonio Guterres said technology should be used to benefit the world, not to wage wars

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres on Friday expressed concern over reports that the Israeli military is using artificial intelligence in air strikes on Gaza.

according to a report Published by the Israeli-Palestinian magazine +972 earlier this week, citing Israeli intelligence sources, the Israeli military used artificial intelligence to identify suspected Palestinian militants for assassination, including in densely populated residential areas, resulting in numerous civilian casualties. The artificial intelligence system, known as “Lavender,” reportedly analyzes the personal data of Gaza residents and prepares lists of names suspected of having ties to the military wings of the Palestinian Hamas movement and Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

In a press conference at the United Nations headquarters in New York on the occasion of the six-month anniversary of the start of the war on Gaza, Guterres said: “Very disturbed” Through reports.

“No part of the life and death decisions that affect entire families should be delegated to the cold calculations of algorithms.” He said.

“I have warned for many years about the dangers of weaponizing AI and diminishing the essential role of humans. AI should be used as a force for good to benefit the world; not contribute to industrial-scale warfare, blurring accountability.”

While the IDF has not publicly acknowledged the existence of Lavender, it is known to have used similar systems during its previous operations in Gaza. In its response to the +972 magazine report, the Israeli army claimed this “Do not use an AI system that identifies terrorist operatives or attempts to predict whether a person is a terrorist.” While the “System” The report indicates “It's just a database” It is used by the military for the purpose of consulting intelligence sources.

The Israeli army also indicated in its statement that Hamas deliberately placed its members and military assets “In the heart of the civilian population” Using civilians “As a human shield.” The Israeli army claimed that it directed its strikes only at military targets, but due to the population density in the Strip, it is difficult to avoid them. “exceptional incidents” When civilians are also injured.

The latest figures from the Gaza Ministry of Health show that as of Friday, Israeli forces had killed at least 33,091 people since the war began in October last year, most of them women and children. In his speech, Guterres repeated the United Nations' urgent call for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza.

Six months later, we are on the brink of mass starvation; and regional fire; From a complete loss of confidence in global standards and rules. It is time to step back from that brink – to silence the guns – to relieve terrible suffering. Confirm.

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