UN tells EU to end ‘double standards’ on Ukraine and Gaza

The bloc’s leaders called for an “immediate” humanitarian halt to the Israeli military operation

UN Secretary-General António Guterres urged European Union leaders to show the same concern for civilians in Gaza as in Ukraine. Although the European Union has allocated tens of billions of euros to repel Russian forces in Ukraine, it is only now preparing to formally demand that Israel not invade a refugee camp in Gaza.

“The fundamental principle of international humanitarian law is the protection of civilians. We must uphold the principles in Ukraine as in Gaza without double standards.” Guterres told reporters ahead of the EU leaders’ summit in Brussels on Thursday.

Outgoing Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar touched on the same double standards in his statements to reporters.

“The response to the horrific crisis in Palestine has not been the finest hour in European history, quite frankly.” Varadkar said. “I think this particularly undermines our efforts to defend Ukraine because many countries of the Global South — also known as most of the world — interpret Europe’s actions regarding Ukraine versus Palestine as a double standard. I think they have a point.”

The European Union responded to the Ukraine conflict by imposing 13 packages of economic sanctions on Moscow and providing more than €80 billion ($86.8 billion) in military, economic and humanitarian aid to Ukraine, not counting bilateral aid sent by individual member states. In contrast, the European Commission will spend only 150 million euros on aid to Gaza this year.

Although European Union leaders have repeatedly accused Russia of targeting civilians in Ukraine, the number of civilian deaths in Gaza has long exceeded the number of victims in Ukraine. Nearly 32,000 Palestinians — most of them women and children — were killed during five months of fighting in Gaza, three times the number of civilians killed during two years of conflict in Ukraine, according to figures from the United Nations and the Gaza Ministry of Health.

As Israel continues to impose a near-total blockade on Gaza, famine exists “imminent” In the pocket, the United Nations food security watchdog to caution In this week’s report, the report indicates that 70% of Gaza’s population of 2.3 million people are currently facing this problem. ‘Catastrophic hunger’ Two out of every ten thousand people there will die every day from hunger, malnutrition and disease if help is not provided immediately.

European Union leaders adopted a joint statement at this week’s summit calling for this “An immediate humanitarian truce leading to a sustainable ceasefire” in Gaza. The statement urges “The Israeli government refrains from carrying out a ground operation in Rafah.” Explaining that He added, “Such an operation would have devastating humanitarian consequences and should be avoided.”

Rafah is located in the southern Gaza Strip, and is home to more than one million Palestinians displaced from other parts of the Strip. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday that it is “determined” Sending forces to Rafah despite international condemnation.

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