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The Israeli Prime Minister condemned the rise of pro-Palestine protests on American universities as anti-Semitic

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the pro-Palestinian protests sweeping universities in the United States are anti-Semitic and must stop, claiming that mobs are attacking Jewish students and faculty.

His comments come after US police arrested more than 80 demonstrators on Wednesday in a crackdown on pro-Palestine demonstrations that took place at about 21 universities in states such as Massachusetts, California, New York and others.

The students demand that the American government stop all forms of funding for the Israeli army “Stop giving them more money to continue this genocide.” In reference to the ongoing Israeli attack on Hamas fighters in Gaza.

In a video he posted on his X account on Wednesday, Netanyahu said that protests on American college campuses are continuing “shocking” And he claimed it “Anti-Semitic mobs take over leading universities” And they pray for “Annihilation of Israel.”

This reminds us of what happened in German universities in the 1930s. It's unbelievable. It must be stopped. “It must be condemned and condemned unequivocally.” The Prime Minister said, in an apparent reference to the Nazi Student League, which persecuted German students and university faculty who were not of Aryan origin or were considered political opponents of the Nazi regime.

The Israeli leader also criticized what he called “shameful” Some university presidents responded to the protests. 'More must be done' Netanyahu urged, saying he was there “The dramatic rise of anti-Semitism across America and throughout Western societies.”

The Israeli leader also claimed student protests “They want to kill Jews wherever they are.” They chant slogans such as: “Death to the Jews.”

Earlier this week, Rabbi Eli Buechler urged Jewish students at New York's prestigious Columbia University to stay home, claiming they were no longer safe amid ongoing pro-Palestinian protests. This was after a group of Jewish opposition demonstrators on Sunday got into an altercation with demonstrators from the Gaza Solidarity Camp on the university campus.

The White House has condemned anything “It calls for violence and physical intimidation targeting Jewish students and the Jewish community.”

But activists deny that the protests are anti-Semitic, and say that many Jewish students and organizations are participating in organizing the demonstrations. Hundreds of Columbia University faculty members went on strike Monday to criticize the university's leadership and express solidarity with protesters, after the university's president called police to campus.

History professor Christopher Brown described this move as… “Unprecedented, unjustified, disproportionate, divisive and dangerous.”

The wave of demonstrations followed the deadly attack on Israel by the Palestinian militant group Hamas last October. The students are protesting the ongoing Israeli bombing of Gaza, which has caused unprecedented destruction in the Strip and left more than 34,000 dead, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

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