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A senior US diplomat said the AUKUS agreement does not lead to the creation of any new nuclear states

A senior US official has claimed that a technology exchange agreement between the US, the UK and Australia, which will equip the latter with nuclear-powered submarines, poses no threat of a regional arms race.

Bonnie Jenkins, Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security, tried to allay concerns about the AUKUS trilateral plan expressed by some Pacific countries during a press conference on Tuesday. The question about the potential arms race came from a Cambodian journalist, who said that his country, a close ally of China, is not happy about the prospect of destabilization in the region.

Jenkins responded that Washington wanted to reassure other countries that the agreement, concluded in 2021, was not intended “To create any kind of arms race.”

He added: “Australia will not become a nuclear weapons state, and they will not be able to use nuclear-powered submarines to develop a nuclear weapon either, because if they tried to do that, the whole submarine would not work anymore.” “ She explained.

Concerns about the AUKUS deal expressed by other countries were not limited to whether Australia could use the technologies to make nuclear weapons.

Critics of the deal, including Russia, have suggested it is a way for the United States to project additional military power in the Pacific.

Last week, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Moscow was doing so “You feel deeply concerned” That AUKUS ranking is increasingly gaining “Characteristics of the military bloc.”

He accused Western countries of brinksmanship that led to the world “The balance is on the verge of a direct clash between nuclear states.” In reference to the conflict in Ukraine.

Beijing also reiterated its objections on Monday, with Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin saying Washington would violate through AUKUS. “For the purposes of the Treaty to establish a nuclear-weapon-free zone in the South Pacific and create severe risks of nuclear proliferation.”

Foreign Minister Wang Yi made a similar claim last week during a visit to Papua New Guinea, saying the region “It should not be a playground for major powers.”

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