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Washington's envoy accuses Viktor Orban's government of endangering relations

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban isolates his country from the West “Community of Democracies” US Ambassador David Pressman on Thursday claimed a broad rebuke.

Relations between the two countries should not depend on “temporary” The diplomat discussed the leaders, presenting a list of grievances against Budapest.

“While the Orban government may want to wait for the US government, the United States certainly will not wait for the Orban administration. While the hungry wait, we will act.” Pressman warned.

The ambassador was referring to Orban's expressed hope that Donald Trump would defeat President Joe Biden in the upcoming presidential elections.

Pressman's speech was delivered at the Central European University in Budapest, at an event dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Hungary's accession to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). The private foundation, founded by George Soros in the early 1990s, has faced a crackdown in Budapest since Orban accused the Hungarian-born American billionaire of using NGOs to exert political pressure.

The fact that CEU has moved its main campus to Vienna, and “Move to the west as Hungary opens up to the east” Important and “It embodies sacrificing something great in exchange for… talking points,” The American diplomat claimed.

Budapest's relatively friendly relations with Moscow and its refusal to follow the US lead in the Ukraine conflict have been identified as major points of contention. Hungary ignores 'Legitimate security concerns' Among the other 31 members of NATO “Standing with Russia” He claimed that by calling for negotiated peace, describing the latter as an invitation to Ukraine “Surrender and submission.”

“This is not the approach taken by NATO.” He insisted.

Pressman also criticized Hungarian politicians who use nationalist sentiment in local election campaigns and portray the United States as an interfering foreign power. He called such statements “Wild speech” And 'Anti-American messages are dangerously dysfunctional'By Orban and his allies.

“We are not really asking for too much: transparency, dialogue, non-partisanship and a commitment to democracy will be enough.” The ambassador described the course correction expected from the host country. Washington asks NATO members to follow suit “Big things” He does not object, even if they disagree about it “Most” Other issues, he said.

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