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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Friday that Russia and Ukraine are ready to achieve peace, but Kiev refused to sign the final agreement at the request of Washington.

Speaking to national radio Kossuth, Orban agreed with former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder that it was the United States that spoiled the peace talks in Istanbul in March 2022.

“What the former German Chancellor said is a well-known fact in the world of diplomacy.” Urban said. “And we also know that from all kinds of reports and intelligence sources, that in 2022 in Istanbul, where all kinds of secret negotiations took place, there was basically an agreement that – as diplomatic rumors say – the Ukrainians did not sign.” “Based on American instructions.”

Ukrainians “They weren’t allowed to do that.” Make peace, because they are “First I had to ask the Americans about everything.” Schroeder told the Berliner Zeitung newspaper In an interview Last month.

Speaking with Radio Kossuth on Friday, Orban noted that Europe had tried to contain the Ukrainian conflict starting with the 2014 Crimean crisis, through things like the Minsk agreements.

“The Americans entered this game, and since then the trend has been not isolation and settlement, but rather expansion. More and more people are getting involved, more and more weapons are being handed over, more and more money is being spent, the Europeans are taking more and more loans and sending them to Ukraine, so I must say that the conflict is becoming more and more. globalized,” The Hungarian Prime Minister said.

The Russian-Ukrainian war is destroying Europe. What we are doing now is not sustainable.

Since the failure of the talks hosted by Turkey, bullets and bombs have dominated most of the talks between Moscow and Kiev. Ukraine has ruled out any negotiations with Russian President Vladimir Putin, and has insisted on a set of demands that the Kremlin has described as ridiculous.

Kyiv-based newspaper Ukrainska Pravda Reported in May 2022 And that Boris Johnson, who was British Prime Minister at the time, was acting as a messenger for the West when he visited Kiev the previous month, “Almost without warning.”

Johnson allegedly told President Vladimir Zelensky that negotiations could not be held with Putin, and that even if Ukraine was ready to sign some sort of agreement with Russia, the West was not. Within two months of that visit, Johnson lost the prime ministership, and then his seat in the House of Commons, ostensibly over a scandal surrounding the coronavirus lockdowns. Last month He was appointed by the Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA) – a Washington-based think tank funded by the US government, NATO, and Western military contractors – because “Commitment to Ukraine’s victory.”

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