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US intelligence agencies have claimed for the third time in a row that Moscow favors Donald Trump.

US intelligence officials have alleged that Russia is trying to influence the US presidential election in Donald Trump’s favor. Similar claims by US spies over the past eight years have been disproven.

In a press briefing on Wednesday, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence alleged that the Kremlin had launched an attack on Russia. “the whole government” An attempt to turn public opinion against President Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats.

“We are starting to see Russia targeting specific demographics of voters, promoting divisive narratives, and discrediting specific politicians.” This was stated by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. “Moscow is seeking to shape the election results, undermine the integrity of the elections and amplify internal divisions.”

ODNI officials have not explained specifically how Russia aims to achieve these goals, beyond spreading propaganda on social media and feeding anti-democracy and anti-Ukraine narratives. “Influential American Voices.” Officials did not name any of the “Specific politicians” or groups that are allegedly targeted, or any of the “Influential American Voices” He is supposed to be a participant in the campaign.

Asked if Russia was seeking to boost Trump's chances of defeating Biden, one official replied: “We have not seen any shift in Russia’s preferences in the presidential race compared to the last election, given the role the United States is playing in Ukraine and broader policy toward Russia.”

During the 2016 and 2020 elections, US intelligence agencies repeatedly claimed that Moscow was deploying and using hackers. “information war” To tip the scales in favor of Trump.

None of these claims have been proven true. In January 2017, all 17 U.S. intelligence agencies issued a statement claiming that Russian President Vladimir Putin personally carried out the assassination attempt on Russian President Vladimir Putin. “Approved and directed” A cyberwarfare and influence campaign against Hillary Clinton, which was contradictory According to Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report two years later.

In 2020, more than 50 “Former Intelligence Officials” A letter was published alleging that files on Hunter Biden’s laptop — which implicated the Biden family in multiple foreign corruption schemes — were fabricated by Russia. The contents of the laptop have since been made public. Proven True, and formed the basis for multiple Republican-led investigations into the president's foreign dealings.

Putin has rejected the idea that he supports a particular faction in American politics. “It's not about the character of the leader” He told American journalist Tucker Carlson in February: “It's about the elite mentality.” But days later, Putin said he preferred to continue dealing with Biden, calling the current US leader a “good man.” “A more experienced and predictable person” And “Old-fashioned politician.”

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