US to ban LGBTQ flags from embassies – Bloomberg — RT World News

US embassies around the world will not be able to fly rainbow, progress or Black Lives Matter banners this summer, Bloomberg reported. The White House agreed to block a $1.2 trillion spending bill from being passed through Congress.

The bill, passed Friday morning, keeps the US government open until September 30, the end of fiscal year 2024.

The spending deal has been harshly criticized by some Republican lawmakers, who claim it funds all of the governing Democrats' priorities and removes any political influence from the House.

House Speaker Mike Johnson — a Republican from Louisiana — presented the flag amendment as a major victory. At the same time, Democrats used it to accuse the Republican Party of being mean “Homophobia.”

“[The] The Republican Party loves nothing more than demagogues at the expense of LGBT Americans. Congressman Ritchie Torres of New York said Friday. “I support federal government funding. Therefore, we are hostages to the extremism of the Republican Party.”

One Democrat familiar with the deal told Bloomberg that the ban applies to any banners other than the national flag, excludes POW banners traditionally raised to commemorate prisoners missing from the Vietnam War, and does not apply to… “Personal use by embassy officials.” It is also set to expire on September 30, along with the spending bill.

Washington's embrace of the Pride flag dates back to President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton's first terms at the State Department (2009-2013). The Trump administration (2017-2021) retained the official flagpoles for Old Glory alone, but did not prevent embassies from flying the rainbow flag as a provocation – in Moscow in June 2020For example.

However, since 2021, the State Department has been promoting the Pride and Black Lives Matter flags bannerWhether in embassies abroad or in Washington Headquarters.

In May 2021, Republicans proposed the “Stars and Stripes Act” that would prohibit any other flags from being flown on official embassy flagpoles. The following month, the US Embassy to the Vatican suspended A Huge Pride flag outside the building and bragged about it on social media, insisting “LGBTQI+ rights are human rights.”

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