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In an incident that has sparked widespread controversy on social media, artist Mohamed Ramadan was shown in a video clip arguing with a young man at a resort on the north coast, demanding that he hand over his phone, and in an emotional and pointed voice repeating the phrase “Give me my phone.”

During the quarrel, Ramadan slapped the young man. The young man did not remain silent, but immediately slapped Ramadan back, causing surprise among the people around him.

The exact reasons behind the altercation are unclear but the young man reportedly tried to take a photo of Ramadan as he passed by, which angered the latter, prompting him to ask his phone to delete the photo, while others claimed that the young man mocked the Egyptian actor, which angered the latter.

Mohammed Ramadan’s first reaction was that he posted a video clip in which he posed for pictures with fans while at the North Coast, ignoring the news circulating that he had been slapped, and later posted another video clip in which he took pictures with a group of children listening to the tunes of one of his songs.

This incident reminded the audience of a similar incident where an artist was slapped a month ago. Amr Diab One of his fans sparked a wave of anger and controversy at a wedding.

Reactions on social media were mixed, with many criticising Mohammad Ramadan's actions as a major public insult, while others supported the young man's quick response by slapping him in the same manner.

It is noteworthy that Mohammed Ramadan criticized the behavior of Amr Diab in a television interview, pointing out that he himself was present at the wedding and was approached in the same situation from the same fan, but he treated him normally, like an artist who has always had photos of his fans.

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