Watch.. Occupation causes fire in UNRWA personnel carrier inside a school in Rafah | News

Israeli occupying forces left a burning personnel carrier behind after encountering resistance at a UNRWA schoolUNRWA) is located in the Saudi neighborhood in the west of the city Rafa South Gaza Strip.

Al Jazeera released an exclusive video of the burning tanker, filmed by a Palestinian activist inside the UNRWA school in Rafah.

As the videographer noted in his comments, the installation appeared in a Riyadh school in a Saudi neighborhood west of Rafah.

“We also saw military tanks left by the Israeli army near the Saudi school in Riyadh,” the photographer said.

Saudi neighborhoods west of Rafah have witnessed the advance and retreat of Israeli vehicles over the past few days, with medical teams rescuing some martyrs from the streets and homes during the withdrawal.

As a result of the Israeli invasion, fierce fighting between Palestinian factions and the Israeli army broke out in areas surrounding Saudi Arabia.

In previous statements, Palestinian resistance factions announced that they were targeting Israeli vehicles and soldiers that infiltrated the western area of ​​Rafah, including the Saudi surrounding area.

Starting from May 6, Israel launched a ground attack on the city of Rafah and occupied the city of Rafah. Rafah Crossroads border with Egypt; this led to the closure of the center to transport the wounded for treatment and deliver already scarce humanitarian aid.

On May 29, the occupation forces announced the completion of Philadelphia Axis (Saladin) al-Hududi; this meant effectively separating the Gaza Strip from Egypt.

Tel Aviv continues its aggression against Gaza, ignoring UN Security Council resolutions to put an immediate stop to it and the International Court of Justice's order to end the Rafah invasion and take steps to prevent genocide and improve the dire humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip.

Israel also challenged ICC prosecutor Karim Khan's request for an arrest warrant for its prime minister. Benjamin Netanyahuand his Minister of Defense Yoav Galant; They are responsible for war crimes and crimes against humanity in Gaza.

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