Watch… Qassam launches concrete operation against occupation of Tal Hawa in Gaza | News

Al Jazeera exclusively broadcast live scenes of fierce fighting between the two sides. Qassam Brigades – The military wing of the Islamic Resistance Movement (agitation)- andIsraeli occupation forces Tal Al-Hawa neighborhood in the southwest of the city Gaza.

The Qassam scene shows the process of monitoring the progress of vehicles and soldiers, then starting to prepare a pre-prepared ambush, targeting two D9 bulldozers with missiles left over from the occupation era, waiting for them to arrive in the area, and then detonating the missiles with the two vehicles.

While waiting, a Qassam militant sent a message to the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu “The Phalange is preparing for an occupation, and if it considers entering Gaza, it will lead to death.”

The scenarios included targeting Israeli infantry units barricaded in houses with television bombs, and targeting a D-9 military bulldozer.

The scene also shows Qassam members developing a plan to target an Israeli sniper inside a high-rise residential building and taking appropriate positions before the sniper is hit directly.

At dawn last Monday, the occupying forces suddenly infiltrated a large area in the southwest of Gaza City under cover of heavy fire, attacking roads and residential buildings, killing and injuring dozens of people and displacing thousands of Palestinians, who fled to the northwest neighborhoods of the city.

Since then, Qassam has announced a series of operations against the occupation forces and their various vehicles in the area, including elaborate ambushes, the use of anti-personnel and anti-vehicle devices and missiles to target jeeps and tanks, and sniper operations.

Since Israel launched a large-scale ground operation in the Gaza Strip in late October last year, resistance factions have been carrying out successful ambushes against the occupation forces, in addition to destroying and damaging hundreds of military vehicles, and causing heavy casualties to the Israeli army.

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