'Watering and feeding': An initiative to rescue Sudanese fleeing war in Sennar


Activists in Sudan's eastern Gedaref state have launched an initiative called “Water and Feed” to distribute food and provide shelter to thousands of people fleeing the country. Sennar Thousands of displaced people slept on the ground in makeshift shelters as the rains began to fall in order to escape the fighting.

According to the state health ministry, Gedaref received about 90,000 people in just three days after the Rapid Support Forces entered the city of Sennar.

Volunteer activist Hala Al-Shafie posted video footage showing the preparation and delivery of meals to displaced people sheltering in the hall of the land port of Gedaref, which has received more than 3,000 displaced people, mostly women, children and the elderly, in less than a week.

According to Shafie, the initiative was launched within three days. Sinja City To the temporary shelters in Gedaref state, noting that the initiative will continue for the next 4 days.

Harsh weather conditions

The welcome initiative aims to buy shelter for displaced families in the state, where the government expects to take in thousands of people who have fled in the coming days, calling it “the most violent and intense wave of displacement since the outbreak of war last year”.

The director of the initiative wrote in a blog post on her Facebook account, “It was raining heavily in Gedaref today and the scene of homeless children was very sad.”

She added: “The situation is difficult and a large number of families are in urgent need of mattresses and quilts due to the rains.”

Pictures circulated by the platform’s pioneers show that buildings have begun to be built on the farm of a businessman in the Umm Shajarat area to accommodate displaced people from Sennar, in coordination with the Norwegian Refugee Council and a number of local organizations and initiatives.

The local resistance committee in Dinder released a video clip documenting the suffering of displaced Sudanese sleeping on the ground in the makeshift camp in Gedaref without shelter or services.

Gedaref Acting Governor Mohamed Hassan called on the United Nations and international organizations to intervene immediately to provide medical supplies and shelter to those displaced from Sennar State who came to Gedaref due to the war.

He pointed out that the current situation requires accelerating the pace of intervention in various fields to absorb the impact of the war.

The United Nations said the conflict between the two countries… Sudanese Armed Forces andRapid Support Force More than 136,000 people have fled across Sennar state.

According to the office United Nations Fugitives arrive in Gedaref region to coordinate humanitarian affairsBlue Nile andKasara.

She added in a statement last Thursday that “civilians now face significant security risks as they report widespread looting of their homes and personal possessions.”

Increasing pain

The United Nations office says the conflict in Sinja city in Sennar state has exacerbated civilian suffering and significantly increased violations of international humanitarian law.

On the other hand, Sudanese activist Siwar Al-Dhahab’s work focuses on the plight of displaced persons from the Darfur region, who have taken refuge across the border with Chad to escape the scourge of war and violence in their own country.

He posted a poignant video on his Facebook page documenting the human suffering of those displaced across the border in Chad.

The video shows brutal images of displaced people of different ages sitting in the scorching sun without shelter, food or water.

Siraj Al-Dhahab recounts in the video that some of the displaced have walked long distances, up to 40 kilometers, to escape the conflict zone in Darfur.

He noted that the displaced people were facing severe shortages of basic resources, with some not even having access to drinking water, let alone food, medicine and shelter.

The video shows displaced people, especially women, crying over their dire plight after being forced to leave their homes and loved ones to escape death.

The Sudanese activist called on the international community and humanitarian organizations to urgently intervene to rescue those displaced in this humanitarian disaster, provide them with emergency assistance, meet their basic needs and protect them from life-threatening dangers.

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