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“Newsweek” reported that Israel activated its “Iron Beam” air defense system for the first time to intercept missiles launched from… Gaza StripTwo years ahead of schedule.

Hillel Halel, army and defense correspondent for Israel’s Channel 14

US magazine reported that “Iron Beam” is a high-power laser manufactured by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and is designed to intercept short-range rockets and missiles.

Scheduled to be released in 2025, it aims to improve the system iron dome Current Israeli opposition. However, a faster timeline may not be possible due to the need to integrate the lasers with existing defense systems.

Rafael said Iron Beam is designed to intercept a variety of threats, including drones, and can intercept them at distances ranging from a few hundred meters to several kilometers.

Officials said the system uses unlimited magazines and can be integrated into multiple platforms to “eliminate a variety of threats with extreme precision” without leaving much collateral damage while protecting civilians and military forces.

While Iron Dome’s power is limited as it fires missiles in response to attacks, the nice thing about Iron Beam is that it never runs out of ammo.

According to Raphael, the “Iron Beam” can intercept threats several kilometers away. Unlike missiles, which explode immediately upon impact, lasers need to be in contact with an object for several seconds to generate enough energy to destroy it.

One of the concerns that remains among iron beam manufacturers is that some missiles or missiles may be coated with heat-resistant materials, which could render the new system useless.

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