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When will Apple announce the date?

Update 8/29: Will today be the right day? Mark Gorman doesn’t say it outright, but he certainly alludes to it mail: “In what will be the first of two announcements about a technology event (yes) today, Amazon says that its new devices event will take place on September 20, which is 8 days after the iPhone 15 event.”

Here’s our breakdown of when Apple is likely to announce the iPhone 15 event date, which I float today but conservatively and maybe now inaccurately predict a week from today. Stay tuned!

iPhone events are always exciting. iPhone event date announcements? This is the next best thing. We already have a pretty good idea of ​​when Apple will unveil the iPhone 15 line, but when should we expect Apple to officially announce the date?

iPhone 15 event rumor

9to5Mac I first heard that Apple was targeting around September 13th for the iPhone 15 announcement, and… bloomberg It has set September 12 as the likely date.

While it is certain that Apple will launch a new iPhone every fall, there is less consistency in how quickly an Apple event is announced before it takes place.

Back in the iPhone 5 in 2012, Apple announced iPhone events as early as two weeks ago and only a week earlier.

The most common range is between 7 days and 12 days. This will cause either August 31st or September 5th to announce an event on September 12th.

Jony Eve Tim Cook

To give you an idea of ​​how unpredictable that gap is, just look at the last two iPhones.

A year ago, Apple announced the iPhone 14 event two full weeks before the event. The previous year, Apple had scheduled the iPhone 13 announcement just one week before the event.

There are a lot of factors that determine how quickly Apple announces events before they happen. The iPhone 14 event was the only time Apple revealed the date 14 days ahead of schedule. Being the first iPhone in-person press event in three years was likely a factor.

When will the event be announced?

The only accurate prediction one can make based on the rumor of the September 12th event is that the iPhone 15 event will be announced between August 29th and September 5th.

We can exclude weekends and Labor Day holidays for event advertising. That would be a first if the announcement comes out on Friday as well, so let’s take that out.

This leaves us with only four possible dates for the announcement of the iPhone 15 event:

  • Tuesday 29 August
  • Wed 30 Aug
  • Thursday 31st August
  • Tuesday, September 5th

Let’s look at the data back to the announcement of the iPhone 5 event in 2012 again. Events are announced four times on Tuesday, once on Wednesday, and five times on Thursday.

Wednesday is the least likely and Thursday is the most likely. However, Tuesday was only once lower than Thursday, and there are two Tuesdays among the possible dates for the announcement of the events.

Predicting the event’s announcement date based on rumor of the event seems unwise, but we’ve untangled enough red thread on our wall of conspiracy to give it a try.

I’m going with Tuesday, September 5th As the date when Apple will announce the iPhone 15 event. Why? Although there were two weeks ago a year ago, one week was three times as popular.

Of course, while my mind says September 5th is more likely, my heart hopes for an early announcement of the event date of August 29th. what do you think? Let us know and make your predictions in the comments.


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