Who killed Gaza concert attendees?Israel survey questions answered



Haaretz published excerpts from an Israeli police investigation into the concert incident in the Gaza Strip, which coincided with the launch of the Palestinian resistance movement led by the Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Hamas movement. al aqsa floods October 7 last year.

For more than 40 days, Israeli and Western officials have reiterated that members of the brigades Izzy al-Din Kassam They committed a massacre at the party, and the Israeli police discovered information that was completely contrary to this story.

A preliminary police investigation concluded that an Israeli warplane apparently bombed Israelis near Reim in the Gaza Strip while trying to target militants.

Israel’s “Haaretz” reported that a preliminary investigation by the Israeli police showed that the gunman involved in the October 7 attack did not know in advance that there was a concert near the Rem settlement.

According to preliminary investigations, a military helicopter took off from the Ramat David base and conducted aerial bombardments against militants, injuring many revelers at the scene. 364 concert attendees died.

Al Jazeera reporter Guevara Badiri reported that 4,000 people, including foreigners, attended the concert.

Citing people familiar with the matter, she added that the Qassam Brigades were not even aware of the ceremony, but that their paratroopers were aware of the Israelis taking to the streets while traveling through settlements around the Gaza Strip, so they informed their members about it situation, and when they arrived at the location, they were bombed by fighter planes that had received information about the capture operation.

The reporter explained that the Israeli warplanes did not understand the actual situation on the ground because Hamas had taken control of the Israeli Gaza Division and cut off all means of communication.

Incendiary weapons

She warned that the presence of the charred bodies confirmed the conclusion of the police investigation that the Israeli plane was the one that killed the revelers because the Qassam Brigades did not have incendiary weapons.

She said some pilots admitted they may have bombed Israelis because they did not know where or who they were bombing.

Journalists say the investigation exposes confusion and military errors that will further complicate matters and affect the Israeli prime minister’s future Benjamin Netanyahu That could spark more demonstrations against him.

Netanyahu appeared to be aware of the investigation, calling for greater popular support and international support, particularly from the United States, at a press conference on Saturday night.

The meeting coincided with massive demonstrations in Tel Aviv demanding a prisoner exchange deal between Israel and the movement. agitation.

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