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Military and strategic expert Colonel Hatem Farahi explains the reasons for Abu Ubaidah's concern – Spokesperson Qassam Brigades The military wing of the Islamic Resistance Movement (agitation)- In his speech on the battle Rafa (South Gaza Strip), andNezarim Axis (center of the sector).

Colonel Farahi, in analyzing the military situation in Gaza, said that the Israeli occupation forces had been pushing Rafah to be the decisive battle of its war in the Gaza Strip, and claimed that it would fully achieve this goal. The strategic goal of the war to Rafah was to destroy the capabilities of the Hamas movement, disarm it, and reach out to the leaders of the resistance organizations, and release prisoners, but he did not achieve any of his goals and even suffered a lot of losses.

Looking back at the military scene on the ground after the nine-month war, the resistance forces have returned to all areas previously infiltrated by the Israeli army, and today the army here admits that it has failed to achieve anything, which intersects with the Israeli army's aspirations. Israeli political leader Colonel Farahi said that Israeli Prime Minister Abu Ubaida said in his speech. Benjamin Netanyahu He sought to achieve “his personal victory and satisfy the brats in his government.”

The military and strategic expert stressed that the conditions set by Netanyahu for indirect negotiations with the Palestinian resistance, including the occupation forces remaining in the Nezarim axis, are impossible conditions, as he spoke about the survival of five brigades in the third phase of military operations in Gaza, which means that Netanyahu does not want a prisoner exchange agreement.

In a video message broadcast on Al Jazeera, he said: Abu Obeida “The axis in the middle of the region called Netzarim will become an axis of terror and slaughter from which the enemy will be defeated.”

Reading out the words of the spokesman for the Qassam Brigades, Colonel Farahi mentioned his process of comprehensively strengthening the defense capabilities of the resistance movement and filling the shortcomings of the brigade, including reorganization and recruitment of new fighters, which confirms that the resistance factions will continue to fight the occupation forces for some time to come if he continues his incursions into Palestinian territories.

In a previous interview with Al Jazeera, the military and strategic expert called Abu Ubaida's speech very comprehensive and sent many important messages to the Israeli occupation forces, and he refuted the Israeli Prime Minister and his military leaders' claims about the so-called “Israel”. In his speech, Abu Ubaida revealed that 9 months after the end of the war, the military capabilities of the Hamas Brigade were eliminated, which means that the resistance movement has strengthened its defense capabilities in various fields.

In his speech, Abu Ubaidah said, “We have strengthened our defense capabilities to fight against occupation in every part of our land” and “there are thousands of fighters ready to confront the enemy if necessary.”

He added that “all 24 of our brigades, together with all resistance factions, fought and defeated the enemy in various areas of the Gaza Strip,” stressing that “the enemy has suffered — and is still suffering — painful blows wherever it has infiltrated the Gaza Strip.”

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