Why did the resistance start targeting Israeli bulldozers instead of tanks? Answer by Al-Duwairi | News

Military experts said Major General Fayez Duwairi The occupation forces ended their ground operations in the area Shujaya East Gaza Strip After two weeks, this matched the strategy it had used in previous areas, suggesting the rebels were beginning to adapt to the fight.

In his analysis of the military scene in the Gaza Strip, Duwari explained that the occupation forces entered the area hoping to achieve military objectives while destroying entire residential squares, forcing residents to… Forced to migrateHe stressed that the war at this stage has begun targeting civilians in all areas of the Gaza Strip.

Military experts expect that the operation in other areas such as Talhawa and Jabalia, which began about five days ago, will also be completed within 10 days.

He added that, as Duhairy said, the resistance groups have begun to manage their operations based on the experience gained in the previous period, especially in terms of adapting to the nature of the fighting, noting that the way the various factions approach the fighting varies depending on the size and type of Israeli forces and the nature and scope of the operations.

As a result, Duhairy said the resistance has begun to adapt to the fight, as evidenced by the fact that its operations in Talhawa differ from those in Jabaliya and Zaitoun, noting that areas such as Talhawa, Al-Shuja'iya for example, are considered an open area and have tunnels where booby traps can be set.

He noted that Israeli bulldozers were targeting more people than tanks in some areas because the occupation forces needed to bring bulldozers into those areas to pave roads, so the resistance groups began targeting them to prevent them from achieving their goals.

Military experts concluded that this adaptation of the resistance to the nature of the Israeli army and the type of its operations was the reason for the increase in the losses of the occupation forces in the previous period.

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