Why Shohei Ohtani joining the Mariners would make more sense now

It is impossible for him not to notice, and it is unlikely that he will not think.

At this point, the sailors’ appeal goes beyond chants of “Come on Seattle!” which he received during his bats at the MLB All-Star Game last month.

At the time, the idea of ​​Angels pitcher/designated hitter/worldwide phenomenon Shohei Ohtani joining Team M the following season was nothing more than a whimsical fantasy during a midsummer classic. Now, it looks like it could be a perfect fit for both sides.

In one of the biggest blows to baseball in the past decade, it was revealed last week that Ohtani tore his elbow in the Champions League and had to end his season as a pitcher. He’s still in the batting order every day, but the future of his arm – which accounts for nearly half his value – is shrouded in mystery and speculation.

Will he need surgery? Will it be the same? This is, after all, his second Champions League tear – and while he can still be a two-way player, his days as a two-way player are over. Dominator in danger.

All that said, he’s still one of the game’s five best hitters (and possibly the best), and at 29 years old, it wouldn’t take much more than a miracle for him to finally get back into the top 10 in the league. as a pitcher.

So why do sailors make sense now? And why does Shuhei make sense to them? many reasons.

Ohtani wants to win — and he knows he can now in Seattle

The Mariners aren’t at the top of the American League West because they’ve got it all in with a bunch of leases at the trade deadline. They were never given a better than 80% chance of getting back into the playoffs by the algorithms because they emptied their fund on short-term free agents.

They got where they are because they developed a staff (mostly) from within their system, and now boast the best ERA in MLB. They have been shrewd with their long-term signings, Luis Castillo, who will be here for years to come. From Logan Gilbert to George Kirby to Bryce Miller – not to mention potential Emerson Hancock and running back Robbie Ray, this group could win a string of ERA titles for the foreseeable future.

Oh, and they may also have the best young star in the game in midfielder Julio Rodriguez, Rookie of the Year winner who is going through the best period of his career. It’s doubtful Rodriguez would mind ceding the spotlight to Shuhei, who could spend the first few years of his contract competing for titles if he signed with M.O.

It could be part of history

There’s a secret about these parts that I’m going to tell you: (whispering) The Mariners have never won a World Series (or even went to one). Maybe that will change in 2023, given that they’ve been the best team in baseball for the past couple of months. But if they don’t lift the Commissioner’s Cup at the end of the season… then what is the attraction for the Japanese star.

It had long been speculated that Ohtani wanted to play on the West Coast. There’s no other West Coast team than the Mariners that can team up and become instant championship king.

M’s might actually be able to afford it

The shaft I linked out of season was that it was so good, very It’s possible to overdo Ohtani. He was expected by some to earn more than $700 million before the Champions League ruptured, which, given the league’s history of injury to shooters, would have come with significant risks.

now? Well, Ohtani could still bring in top dollar, but it probably won’t be in the stratospheric range estimated two weeks ago. It is possible for you to be aggressive, win-win, and cash-strapped all at once. The Mariners probably didn’t have Otani’s money before the injury. Different question now.

They need his arm less than any team in baseball

The Mariners were less likely to shell out $700 million on anyone, but they were less likely to do so on a two-way player when their starting and reliever players were performing as well as they did (they have the third-lowest bullpen ERA in MLB), too. ).

Assuming the show can maintain a semblance of such excellence, Ohtani wouldn’t feel pressured to contribute to The Hill right away. It can even be converted to a closer if display size is an issue. Can you imagine that walk to the hill in the bottom of the ninth at T-Mobile Park. Entry music suggestions are officially open.

No one, not even the teams vying for a place in the playoffs that would have faced him, was happy to see Ohtani get hurt. It was the best thing to happen to baseball since the turn of the century. However, this injury and the Mariners’ rise in the standings makes you wonder.

Come to Seattle? For now, it makes a lot of sense.

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