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Will iPhone 15 be the most popular smartphone in the world?

Expectations are piling up for some huge success of Apple’s iPhone 15 range when it emerges with more evidence to show momentum with Apple.

Nothing but the best (available)

Last Omdia data It proves that Apple is the biggest smartphone brand. Not only do its devices occupy five out of ten spots on the most shipped chart, but Apple sells tens of millions more devices than any other device in the top ten combined.

It is as if the smartphone industry is now saturated and the market size is starting to shrink, and customers are realizing that when you buy a smartphone, you have to get the best that you can get.

Apple shipped 26.5 million units of the iPhone 14 Pro max alone, with an additional 21 million iPhone 14 Pro sales. And in fifth place, the Samsung Galaxy A14 managed to move only 12.4 million devices. In the top ten, Apple sold 86.4 million iPhones, compared to 47 million Samsung phones. The data shows that sales have contracted across the board, but Apple’s continued rise seems to be a testament to the times.

Can Apple conserve energy?

No doubt Apple executives are worried if they can keep up the momentum.

In recent years, its customers have moved on to high-end devices, and it’s believed that Apple hopes to repeat that trick again this year, in part by making high-end devices a clear market leader in cutting-edge technology.

If the company achieves this, says Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo Believes The top model iPhone 15 Pro max will account for up to 40% of all iPhones sold at launch. The analyst partially cites the significantly advanced camera in these smartphones as sparking buying interest. It is believed that this will carry a telescopic lens, so it will be more like a portable camera than a phone, albeit a miniature one. T

“Apple is likely to remain the largest smartphone brand in 2024,” Ming-Chi Kuo wrote. He believes the current caution about Apple’s eventual sales figures may prove misplaced, arguing that the company’s shares have a chance of a near-term recovery thanks to the strength of sales he expects.

Industry wisdom?

He is not alone. Recently, Morgan Stanley claimed that Apple is growing in the right places, and said that it expects Apple to achieve better-than-expected iPhone sales.

All these predictions are in line with the current Counterpoint data, which also predicts that the iPhone 15 will quickly become the best-selling smartphone in the world.

“It’s as close as Apple has come to being at the top spot. We’re talking about a difference that’s really equal to a few days of sales,” said Jeff Fieldhack, director of North America research for Counterpoint.

“Assuming that Apple won’t have production problems like it did last year, it’s really a matter of negligence at this point.”

In other words, the more data we see, the more plausible it seems that Apple will soon become the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. We are only a few sales cycles away from knowing if this is indeed the case. And if Apple can maintain its momentum.

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