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A French magazine said that Western partnersCentral African Republicat the top France andUSAThey are trying to restore relations with African countries with the aim of marginalizing Russia's “Wagner Group”, which has now become the “Africa Corps”.

French magazine Jeune Africa said the Wagner group's masked mercenaries had become less conspicuous and were extremely cautious in the streets, bars and shops of the capital Bangui.

France has been trying to get back on the field for weeks, with two visits by the Central African president having been a complete success. Faustin Achench Touadera Commitments were made to Paris in September 2023 and April 2024, Paris announced the unfreezing of economic aid, and the French diplomatic mission in Bangui stepped up its reconciliation efforts.

In early May, French Ambassador Bruno Fouché visited the city of Pisa, more than 60 kilometers from the capital, to start work on the construction of security forces in the area.

Last June, the French Embassy funded the “Access to Justice for All” project (about $24 million) and publicly called on the Central African opposition to abandon its threat to boycott local elections scheduled for October next year, announcing that “France is working to mobilize financial support for European Union“So that the elections can be held in the best possible conditions.

European Union
The EU, under the leadership of Douglas Carpenter, the representative in Bangui, has also been able to stabilize relations with the Central African authorities. Carpenter called on the EU to provide funding for the upcoming elections, and in mid-May Brussels actually provided Bangui with the relevant funds of $2.2 million to update the electoral documents.

Bangui expressed satisfaction that the EU also resumed a number of measures that had previously been suspended due to lack of funds, and it is clear that the EU wants to make the Central African Republic a priority again.

A few weeks ago, several officials from the EU Capacity Building Mission and the European Civilian Mission arrived Niger (expelled by the new authorities Niamey), deployed to the Central African Republic within the framework of the EU Training Mission to the Central African Republic.

Washington's ideal ally

The United States has also added goodwill initiatives, focused on social and cultural aspects and provided financing for development projects, and has made clear its desire to separate Bangui from Moscow – as has happened in Paris.

To do this, see Rwanda Kigali is an ideal ally that the United States can rely on, and in fact Kigali can put pressure on many Central African ministers who are loyal to KigaliRussiaStarting with the Minister of Defence, Claude Rameau Bello, and the Minister of Strategic Investments, Pascal Bida Kouagbery, two influential figures who have facilitated the establishment of Rwandan companies and entrepreneurs in Bangui.

On the other hand, the Rwandans took the opportunity to set up their own surveillance and intelligence system in the capital, which pleased the Americans, and after the Rwandan special forces became an integral part of the head of state's security system, they were incorporated into the national security system. They kept a close watch on Touadéra and his wife and ensured surveillance of the president's private residences in Bangui and Damara, where Wagner's men (African Corps) were rarely seen.

Pro-Russian Minister

At the political level, the President of Rwanda proposed Paul Kagame According to the Central African presidential adviser, he has become a “valuable friend” of Touadera, whose president has to turn to Washington regularly for help.

A government reshuffle is expected in the Central African Republic and many pro-Russian ministers know their positions will be threatened if Bangui wants to send a conciliatory message to the West.

However, the elders of the Wagner Group did not admit defeat and played the popular card. For several days, organizations funded by Wagner have been organizing demonstrations in Bangui or other provinces, especially against the United States.

The organizers include Didasian Kucimachi and Ulug Kuy Doktrovri, who have called for violent protest movements in the past and have been harshly critical of opponents and international organizations.

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